Interview with senior technology executive Kenneth Fax

Kenneth Fax is a Senior Technology Executive. He lives in San Francisco, California Kenneth is helping business to value and position technology, according to their own company needs and growth movements. 

As a community leader, a primary focus to lead projects within organizations that conduct research in the area of science which applies mathematical and scientific principles to the solution of practical problems for the benefit of society. We have conducted an interview with Kenneth.

What are some highlights about what you have done in the Financial Technology (FinTech, FinSolv) Management & Marketing?

I have worked within banking, commodities with the stock market, exchanges, and major banking operations. In early days, I wondered what-if scenarios. In 2017, the technological innovations are increasing ways of trading and banking worldwide

Which is your greatest contribution to the technology organization that you are most proud of?

The great contributions have been sharing knowledge, demonstrating and proving power of bitcoins, annuities, wealth management

What are the challenges to be seen within the strategic mobile applications and networking services?

The challenges, in the beginning, were getting people to design and think seriously about security.

How do you describe your community leadership style?

The community leadership has been to mentor, share and engage people by examples, benefits and involve them - as trainees

What kind of expertise in enterprise applications and technology funding do you provide?

20 years exp.

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