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Out of Order Acoustic Duo

Out of Order, is an acoustic duo in Varese province, Italy. Their music currently offers cover re-arranged in different styles and new songs. Currently, Samuel (singer and writer of the lyrics) and Paul (guitarist and backing vocalist) are working on their first record production. We have conducted an interview with them.

When is the new issue of your EP?

Hello everyone, thank you for this interview, the expected date for the release of our first EP "Out of Order" is in June

What is this EP about? What are its highlights?

In the EP there are new songs that tell stories of life, moments that I lived and that I think many people have experienced. He speaks of the difficulties of every day, that block you. the charge that overwhelms you when you start something you believe in. a strong point of this project is the spirit in which everything has been dealt with. From agitation because it was the first to euphoria because with sacrifice we were able to do it. We worked long and hard to build this ep from the start and tirelessly. I thank all those who cooperated with us and who have worked with us, with enthusiasm. The other point is that the themes ranging from the serious to the ironic and involve everyone, in one way or another.

What brought you here? Why do you consider this as an initial point?

He brought us here the desire to put into play and passion we have for music, the stage and the adrenaline, the emotion we experience each time starts the show, to share our emotions with the audience and having some fun time. It can be considered a starting point because we hope it is just the beginning of a career in music, knowing that it is a difficult thing, but we know that working hard we can do. the point where we are is already an achievement because we started from scratch, but the one that always pushes us to give our best is the passion for what we do.

How different is it a personal and also a professional satisfaction?

Personal and professional satisfaction in this case are intertwined, there is no boundary between the two, or a sharp boundary. what we have is already a great satisfaction, because in our complicated history we found ourselves doing what we like, at times against many people who did not believe in us. we proved that we know how to do, personally it is an immense satisfaction. from the professional point of view however as we are pleased with our first ep, we aim to grow more and more, through the trials, studying, experimenting and it would be nice to attend some musical event that allows the public to listen to our music.

What kind of music styles would you use to describe your work and first production?

Ours is not a fixed genre, is a mix of different genres and styles, depending on what we want to communicate through the song, do not particularly define a single genre because leaves no space nuances that make us different and allow us to better communicate what we want to say with the music.
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