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Born June 15, 1984, Seraphim of Nazareth has a rich Creole heritage. Her parents have deep roots in Lickskillet, Alabama, and raised Seraphim in Tupelo, Mississippi. Known as the "Ï AM" artist, Seraphim is a breed of a different cloth. 

Not your typical alternative music artist, Seraphim ignites a new vibe that will surely set your soul on fire! Her debut single "You Never Loved Me" delivers a first-hand view of the raw emotional conflict of self-affliction and allows the listener to invade the deepest parts of her soul! We have conducted an interview with Seraphim.

Which is your favorite part of your debut single 'You Never Loved Me'?

My favorite part... I can't say I have a favorite part as the song is actually true and nothing in this song "You Never Loved Me" makes me happy except the "I'm fed up with the bullshit and now I am walking away" as it is quoted in my new single "It was you who tried to walk away, and now that I'm leaving and you beg me to stay, but I'm moving on, there's nothing you can do, and all you'll have left is just a memory of me and.. you never loved me" and so there you have it.. my favorite part of my new single "You Never Loved Me" (you fucking coward)!

What is your latest film about?

Unholywood is an original occult/thriller, it could fall under the horror genre category as well, do to the nature of the movie. Unholywood is about run-a-ways, who came to Hollywood and found themselves in unholy predicaments where they had to fight for their lives against the adversary, the untold story of the underground world of Hollywood.

How long have you been an independent film director?

As in professional and making an career out of it, after my studies at film school and my creative nature to bring you into my world of the Supernatural, I got my first deal with Fenix Pictures and Ytinifni Pictures, a six movie picture deal, in which Unholywood falls under this contract, I am a young film director as you can see with a lot of street smarts and unusual life experiences that brings out a different edge in directing than most... say like Steven King, Quentin Tarantino, and Oliver Stone just to name a few who has made an unusual mark in filmmaking and directing as I am female in a dominate male occupation I really do take my work and career very seriously!

What are your talents and uniqueness as an alternative music artist?

Alternative Rock music allows one to explore their own unique individuality as I do obtain being the "I AM" artist incorporates a lot in my music and my talents period... as one may find it peculiar to wear the "blood of Christ" but I do.. you see a girl covered in blood what do you think.. as I have mentioned not the blood of Christ, but that is exactly what it represents, "Yeshu'a Generation" is one of the most unique generations known to man quote unquote..

Why do you name your upcoming studio album 'Chaos and Innocence'?

"Chaos and Innocence" pretty much sums up the life, energy and times truth of the album and the period that I am or was in.. to name a few tracks "You Never Loved Me", "You're My Biggest Mistake", "Make-up", "Fifth Element Yeshu'a", "Elohim A Teenage Dream", "Disruptive Youth", "You Fucking Whore" (compliments of God Elohim.. really!) and I am celibate by the way... and I also have another track that I am placing on this album that has a life of it's own called "My Boyfriends A Sex Addict My Boyfriends A Slut" I figured what the hell.. let's Rock and Roll!

Where do you attain your inspirations for your creative work in music and film-making?

I am very much inspired by the Supernatural, the God particle of life you could call him Fifth Element Yeshu'a, the inspirations I receive are mind blowing.. literally! The Occult as you may have observed plays a major part in my film making and creativity the Christ part of the Occult, that is and you can keep up with my films and music under Sin Icon Motion Pictures and my Official Website Seraphim Of Nazareth

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