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Shannon Nicole Caldwell is 25 year years old and she started her company Submit Your Assignments about a year ago. She is from Houston, Texas and she noticed that many students in college have families or work. She knew what people need more than money, is time. So she decided to start a company where people can buy back their time and freedom and not have to stress over an assignment. We have conducted an interview with Shannon.

What is your company about?

Submit Your Assignments is a custom writing company based in Houston, Texas that helps students succeed in school. This program is implemented to help students who need assistance with their school work, such as essays or discussion questions.

Which incident inspired you to start this business?

I noticed how people, such as myself who struggled to make time outside of their work and school life. Everyone is focused on their finances and tend to miss out on what's more important, their time.
Time is more valuable than money, and the service we offer allows people to focus on what they deem is more important.

Why was it started? What is your mission statement?

I launched this company in hopes to help college students around the world to be able to make time for themselves and others, outside of their daily regimen.

Our mission statement: We have a guarantee of timely delivery along with high-quality writing! You can even track your order with every step of the way! And the best part? You can submit our custom-written model paper for Academic Credit with the assurance that we do NOT PLAGIARIZE!

Who is it meant for?

This service is meant for college students of all ages, regardless of the type of school and academic level.

Which are the top most popular 'assignments' people submit?

We receive all types of papers: Essays, dissertations, proposals, research papers. The list goes on. We also add new services as the business continues to grow.

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