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T H E O T H E R C O L O R S is a French experimental electronic band. We have conducted an interview with them.

Which genre does your music belong? 

Genre: eclectic. From French éclectique, from Ancient Greek ἐκλεκτικός (eklektikós, “selective”), from ἐκλέγω (eklégō, “I pick, choose”), from ἐκ (ek, “out, from”) and λέγω (légō, “I choose”).

Why did you choose this genre?

For music and if it is not a product of the Culture Industry (definition of the philosopher Adorno) and simply, the contemporary entertainment industry, ideally, the genre is defined by celebrity, the reception (like a message) for the public, that is, the moment when (artistic) experience is recognized.
We make an experiment, we explore, we are a pioneer. To some extent, music is a "voyage immobile", during (listening) but also before, at the time of his invention.

What is the song "Up Up Up" about?

Up Up Up like "It's your turn to speak Up", an invitation to the Voyage (L'Invitation au voyage, Charles Baudelaire, French poet).

Who inspires you the most in the music arena?

Overall, the noises of the world and a large number of artists, none in particular.

How and why did you begin with "The Other Colors"?

The Other Colors took their name of the first song Les autres couleurs on the album 361. Marie Möör said at the end of the text : So I dug a tunnel. I found a way. Elsewhere. I have discovered... Another reality. Other colors. In French : Alors... J'ai creusé un tunnel. J'ai trouvé un passage. Ailleurs. J'ai découvert... Une autre réalité. D'autres couleurs.

What is/are your key message(s) in your album 'Compilation 1'?

Martin Luther King Jr. — 'We must learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools.' L pour The Other Colors

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