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'The Bipolar Express' Art Exhibition

Tonight our guest is Gem Moran, an award-winning artist from County Durham, UK. On the 15th October 2017, she will be putting on a non-profit art exhibition called 'The Bipolar Express Art Exhibition'. The exhibition will be used to raise awareness and educate about bipolar disorder, and will also be used to advertise various avenues of help, particularly local to County Durham, for those who have mental health needs. We have conducted an interview with Gem.

When did you start planning for your non-profit art exhibition? What was the most challenging?

I’ve had the idea to do artwork based on mental illness swimming around for a while, but I wasn't sure initially the best way to approach it. I eventually figured that an exhibition was the way to go! That way, I can make sure people understand my work and I’d be on hand if anyone had any questions. The most challenging aspect has been getting support with the advertising. There’s a certain stigma attached to mental health, and a lot of people don’t view supporting it as a good cause. That’s one of the things I want to change, and I know there are people out there that want to change it with me!

What are your goals for this exhibition?

The main objective for my exhibition is to educate about Bipolar Disorder. There are plenty of sources out there that give the basics of bipolar, but there is so much more to it than the basic points that are usually outlined. I’ll be expressing all the other little symptoms that so few people are aware of, and describing how they effect everyday life. I am also using the exhibition to advertise for services that help with mental health problems, particularly locally, as there are a lot of people out there who need help and don't know how or where to find it.

Why do you name it 'The Bipolar Express' Art Exhibition?

I named my exhibition 'The Bipolar Express' because it is a term I use often when referring to my own experiences with bipolar. It's basically a more light-hearted way to explain when my thoughts, actions or emotions are solely down to my bipolar - "I'm on the Bipolar Express"

Which are the most interesting art pieces to be expected at the exhibition?

Most of my pieces are mixed media and each piece will describe a particular symptom of bipolar disorder. You may just be surprised by what you see, bipolar disorder has some strange symptoms!

How do you wish the community could support and participate in this event?

I have set up a crowdfunding page to cover the costs of the exhibition and local advertising. The community can help by kindly donating and spreading the word! :-

Also, if anyone has any mental health services they want to advertise, particularly local to County Durham or the North East, then they are welcome to get in contact with me via any of my social media :-

The more the better! Let people out there know that there’s help available!

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