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Roderick Vos graduated this year, studied International Business and Management in the Netherlands. He has spent the last 4 months on creating his first app, The Brofessor App. It is a personal Pokémon GO app that aims to help Pokémon GO players to become the very best Pokémon Trainer through the means of a BattleHelper and Team Builder tool. We have conducted an interview with Roderick.

What is the aim of your new development 'The Brofessor App'?

The Brofessor App is initially developed to help Pokémon GO players to win battles & battle more gyms in a significant shorter timeframe. This all to maximize their experience points and enable them to catch more Pokémon.

My generation grew up with Pokémon and when Pokémon GO released, it was something nostalgic. We were finally able to become a Pokémon Trainer.

But to become “the very best” we need to level up. Currently, this is only possible by capturing Pokémon in the wild and fighting Gyms in order to claim or train them.

Sadly, trainers place, almost, undefeatable Pokémon in Gyms. This makes it very time consuming and hard to win. Even with the proper battle knowledge!

Pokémon GO is not helping with this either as they provide a randomly selected battle team for you.

How long did you take to figure out this algorithm in order to generate the perfect battle team?

We have spent 4+ months in developing the algorithm. Many prototypes failed our tests and quality control as it did not generate the perfect battle team for both claiming or training a gym.

After adjusting and testing the algorithm over and over again we now finally have a version that generates 2 separate battle teams that meet the goal selected by the user.

How does it enhance your target user's experience?

A Pokémon Trainer will create a win-win-win-win situation for themselves when they use the Brofessor app.

I believe we built the only Pokémon GO chain reaction app. By using the app, it is 93% more likely & up to 49% faster to win a gym battle, allowing for more time to capture Pokémon & more battles to happen. Thus, gaining more experience points in the same time without the app.

Furthermore, a Trainer will have more gyms in his portfolio giving him more free PokeCoins & Stardust to claim!

How does the app work?

The app only needs 3 inputs for it to generate the perfect battle team:

The first input is based on the user his own Pokémon. Here the user adds Pokémon for battle, enters the Combat Power (CP) and finally their assigned attacks.

The second input is based on what the goal is of the user. The user selects if they want to Claim a gym from another Pokémon Team or to Train a gym that is owned by his Pokémon team.

The final input is in regards of the battle opponents. Here the user selects the Pokémon that are placed within the gym for him to defeat, along with the Combat Power (CP) these Pokémon have.

Who or what inspired you to create this app in the first place?

The biggest inspiration came from multiple Pokémon GO Youtubers to be honest. They educated Pokémon GO players through their video’s. I learned so much from them that I decided to give something back to the Pokémon GO community as well. For being my inspiration, I am forever grateful and therefore I would like to give them a shout out.

• Nick from Trainer Tips
• Giorgio from Reversal – Pokémon GO
• Ben form BenTimm1
• Brandon from Mystic7
• Alastair from MoreAliA

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