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The Fallen Series

Megan Harding lives in Texas with her husband and two kids. She has recently graduated college with honors and written her first book The Fallen Series. It was published in November by Author House. We have conducted an interview with Megan.

When was the first time you were fascinated by 'Young Adult Fantasy' genre?

I actually grew up fascinated by Shakespeare, as young as fourth grade. I began with an interest in what I called “Old Timey” stories such as Little house on the prairie, Anne of Green Gables, and moved on to stories like Romeo and Juliet and Cleopatra. I went through times of lost interest in reading until I saw the Harry Potter movies. I was the same age as Harry was when the movies came out, which was also when I lost my mom. I felt like an orphan and I think a part of me was always waiting around for a Hogwarts letter. My interest peaked in the idea of fantasy. This was also a time when I was confined to a wheel chair from a leg injury so movies and books became a way to explore the world until I got back on my feet. I once read that fantasy doesn’t help us escape from reality, but it helps us make since of the world around us.

What is in the theme of forbidden love that inspires you the most?

I think everyone is secretly drawn to the idea of forbidden love. We all want what we can’t have. Maybe it’s the challenge that excites us? I like the idea that opposites attract, that people complement each other. All too often people are afraid to take risks in life, but in a book, we get to experience our deepest desires.

How do you craft the characters of your book/story?

It took years for me to craft the characters. There’s actually a lot more that I have written about them than I put in the book. I’m writing a prequel of short stories that dives deeper into the characters that were left to be more mysterious in the first book. I tried to visualize everything about the character so that the story would flow. I even wrote back stories for the roommate’s parents who aren’t even in the book. But I think knowing a character's history is a huge part of knowing who they are and who they become. Character development is my favorite part of writing. I like the characters to be different. It’s a joy to create a character and add contrasting characters that help the plot.

Will there be a sequel to this book? What will it be about?

I am working on the sequel now. I believe it will be longer, and if I might add, so much better than the first story. Fallen was just a taste. Uprising picks up where Fallen left off. It feathers many of the same characters, but with a whole round up of new characters who are nothing like the pervious. I like my stories to have a meaning. This story covers the idea that good and evil isn’t always black and white, and sometimes you have to blur the line. It’s about choices, find out who you are, and fighting for what you believe in. Uprising takes you deeper into the angel/ Nephilim world and showcases different powers and abilities. Some people seem to be destined to make the same mistakes over and over. I kept some of the same humor, as well as the writing style of switching between characters. This story might even include some demon thoughts. Of course, I through in a love triangle and a bad boy.

In your own opinion, what does 'wings' symbolise and represent? Why is it important in the fantasy world?

Wings can symbolize many things. I think first and foremost they represent protection. In the story, the Angels that are the main focus are Guardians that protect people. Their wings are used to fly and often fight, they can also be a shield. A deeper meaning is to rise above, which follows the theme of Fallen where Liam has to choose between falling into his father’s footsteps or rising above. Which is why the “Fallen ones” lose their wings. Losing their wings symbolizes that they have fallen into sin, fallen from grace, and are unable to rise again. They have lost the power they once had (Although it gets replaced by a different power), and they have lost protection. It’s a tough choice to choose between the glory of being an Angel, or the independence that come with free will.

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