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Wild Run

Tonight our guest is Kenneth Irwin II from Portland, OR. He is an independent filmmaker and photographer, the owner of Breaking Boundaries Enterprises, who recently released his first worldwide published fiction book, "Wild Run". We have conducted an interview with Kenneth.

When and how did you begin writing your first published fiction book?

Funny… “Wild Run” is the second book I have ever written, but it’s the first one I was able to successfully get to publication. My first book was written right after I got out of high school and I attempted to get it published back in 2002 to 2003-ish. After the publisher skipped town, I was a little distraught, but I had already started formulating the idea for this book. So, in 2004 I began writing “Wild Run”. The idea at the time had come from the long told stories of secret societies, the Illuminatti, and the likes. Up to that point, anything I had written, usually involved a science fiction feel to it (aliens, space, and so forth). After my first failed book, that is when I decided to go another direction. Highly unlikely, it was something that could very much happen in real life, so it gave it a more realistic scenario than my previous works. One of the main characters in the book, actually was originally a character I had created for a “play-through-the-mail” role playing game that I was involved in at the time. I took that personality and shaped it into what would become the man known as Ace Wild. Due to family matters, however, I was forced to take off from my writing, and it would not be until years later that I would finish “Wild Run”. After another failed attempt, and many obstacle, which included kicked out on the street, I finally went the route of self-publishing. Now, my first ever published book is available worldwide.

Which genre does your book 'Wild Run' belong to?

It really depends on who you talk to or where you search, determines what you want to consider the genre. Myself… I’ve always considered it flat out Conspiracy, or Fictional Conspiracy. Some consider it a Thriller. It’s a mixture of a little Action, Drama, a little Comedy… But centers around the whole lore of New World Order.

Who should read this book?

Anybody… Everybody. Due to some violence and language in it, I would say it would be at the parents’ discretion on if they let their kids read it, but when I write, I usually try to give a little something for everyone to enjoy. I would say, myself it probably would be a better fit for no one under a teen, however. If you are into conspiracy, “inside job”, new world order situations, where the fate of the world hangs in the balance, such as something that Dan Brown or Robert Ludlum would write, then I believe you would like “Wild Run” for that aspect. It’s not just a bang-bang, shoot them up, though. It makes you question, “If I were in these people’s shoes, could I, or would I do what they are trying to do?”

What is one of the most memorable experience you had as an entrepreneur that you would like to share?

When I first started out, trying to get my own business going, I had someone come up to me and ask what I did. I told them and their response was “great hobby”. That I needed to “stop playing on the computer and do a real job”. Their mindset was that you got up, worked a 9-to-5 job doing hard labor, go home, and stuff like what I was attempting to do was stuff you did on the weekend. My goal was nothing that was attainable.

How does it impact you thereafter?

I have always been stubborn, which is probably why I have survived as long as I have on this planet. haha I used their words and attitude to push myself to reach my goal. I went from a small town, where the thing to do was to go out and get drunk and mainly just exist, to where I now live in one of the most popular cities in the U.S. of Portland, Oregon and living life through my work. I continue to work hard, not to only show them it can be done, but hopefully inspire others, like me, to never give up on achieving what seems like an impossible dream. I constantly go out and make connections, build myself and build my brand with the bricks the naysayers throw.

What kind of business dealings do you make at "Breaking Boundaries Enterprises"?

I am the Founder and Owner of the company. Aside from handling my pet projects of writing books, and also recording a few of my own songs, Breaking Boundaries Enterprises’s main focus is through the eye of the lens. Anything dealing with visuals, from photography to videography. There is very little that I do not have my hand in, when it comes to the business of the company. I have done everything from working the cameras, to editing, to standing in as an extra for clients’ videos. I guess you could say I’m a jack of all trades, or a Renaissance Man, when it comes to the business. haha Most work and dealings have centered around recording and editing videos for independent musical artists, but there is so much more that I and Breaking Boundaries Enterprises have, and will do, in this creative world. Though under a different name at the time, my business has done commercials for clothing companies in Taiwan and L.A. Just a couple of years ago I did a documentary, on a veteran, called, “Veterans UnAffairs: The Frank Gann Story”. About a veteran in the Agent Orange program, who had lost his benefits. In the coming months there are plans in the works to release a product line to support the research, cure, and helping of individuals/families dealing with cancer. All proceeds will go to charity to help with those needs.

What is your philosophy in life?

A bit cliche, but live each day as though it was your last. There is no guarantee of when we go, or what happens after that. I use to say, “Live the Dream!” It was my way of saying for you to live your dream(s) and your goal(s). Since the inception of Breaking Boundaries Enterprises that saying has morphed into “X the Boundaries”, but the meaning is still tantamount. Only now, not only is it about living your dream, but going the distance and beyond. We do not live under a glass ceiling. There is endless space and so much to experience that we must cross those boundaries to see what is on the other side, and to know our full potential. Just as in life, I believe the same goes in business, which is why “X the Boundaries” has become the epigram for Breaking Boundaries Enterprises.

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