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AUTISM Thomas in the Microwave and Other Stories by Emily Alice Wilson

Emily Alice Wilson is a mum of 2 teenager from England. Her eldest son has an autism diagnosis, so she wrote a book "AUTISM Thomas in the Microwave and Other Stories by Emily Alice Wilson" to help other parents and carers. Emily also works for a Domestic Violence Charity as a Domestic Violence survivor herself. We have conducted an interview with her.

What motivates you in your activism in autism?

My 15-year-old son, received an autism diagnosis when he was 3! I know how much bias he has received from others, as a result of his behavior differences, from when he was a toddler, due to their lack of understanding of why he is reacting like that!

I think it is important to educate about autism so that those with autism integrate better and can feel included! Rather than people wanting to change the behavior of those with autism, accepting would be better. Trying to constantly change behavior, just causes an anxious person to be even more anxious and achieves nothing!

Secondly, my son didn’t ask to have a disability. But much of what is published in the media is anti-disability and anti-parents of those who are disabled, showing a complete lack of both kindness and understanding!

If those who made such decisions, actually lived the life of somebody who has an autism diagnosis, then they would understand what an unjust world we currently live in towards disability and quite often the poverty which results from this.

And finaly, it is important to recognize, what those with an autism diagnosis, CAN DO, rather than trying to change what they can’t do! Those with autism can be brilliant mathematicians or musicians or singers or artists or computer engineers or scientists or doctors etc etc. They are capable despite having communication difficulties, sensory difficulties and their memories (particularly in respect of my own so) are excellent for use within a work environment!

I wish to promote the idea that firms should have more employees with autism diagnosis!

How did other issues such as teenage suicide and breast cancer became subjects on your blog?

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. It was a quick diagnosis, quick operation and quick treatment. Everything happened at great speed and I honestly now feel a little shell shocked!

I am not old enough to qualify for the mammograms in the UK on the NHS, as I am not yet 50 years old, so I wanted women to know what signs to look for of breast cancer so they can identify possible lumps before it’s too late. As I said above, it is a few years until I am 50 and when I was diagnosed it was Stage 3 breast cancer, had I not noticed the lump, who knows how far the breast cancer would have advanced and even if I would have still been here when I was 50! I need to talk about it, share my experience, to save lives (particularly for women under the age of 50) !!!!!

Teenage suicide is an important subject to talk about in my blog, because such things never make the national news these days!

Suicide is not just somebody screaming for attention or somebody annoying you, because the distressed teenager who has thrown themselves on the track, in front of a train, has disrupted your daily commute!

Behind that suicide, quite often, is a teenager who is dealing with a hostile world (lack of job opportunities and money or child abuse or domestic abuse or bullying or rape and most of all, they are lonely)! They have nowhere to go anymore, are not being listened to, are being ‘shut down’ by those in authority, don’t feel safe in this life and see suicide as the only option!

I became a voluntary online counselor following my Cancer diagnosis and operation in 2016, as I was at home (I couldn’t go out and work) and wanted to help people, use my life experience to help others! Cancer has a profound effect on your personal strength, in that you become determined to fight the tumours, so it makes you a stronger and more determined person in life!

As a counselor, time after time, I am talking to teenagers who see suicide as their only hope and my goal is to make sure that by the end of speaking with me, they have changed that attitude and can see a ‘light at the end of the tunnel!’

What is your book about?

My book is about my family! My sons! My eldest son Danny who has an autism diagnosis and his younger brother Charlie who is very close in age to Danny and has tried to cope with his brother’s autistic behavior all his life!

I detail diagnosis and what signs to look for!

What autism is! Understanding how autism affects somebody and their behavior. Sensory issues and how that affects somebody with an autism diagnosis!

How Danny coped with school. How we cope with how Danny is going to react when Danny has to go to the Dentist or the barber! Why routines and timetables are so important!

How you can overcome some problems at home, tips on how to make it safer in the kitchen or how to get your housework done! I learned how to cope...... eventually!

Running away when you are out shopping! How to cope with new places! Roads! Holidays! Day-trips (in the UK but may give ideas for similar in their own countries)!

Obsessions, phobias and panic attacks!

Selective Mutism!

Some of Danny’s behavior turned into horrific situations for Danny and have impacted his life to this day! I have written about anything that anybody caring for (or having contact with, such as in education or the health services) a child with autism, may find useful to help them cope and understand situations better. It may also be useful to parents in general!

Who do you recommend should read your book?

Parents, grandparents, carers, teachers, employers, politicians, health professionals, psychologists etc etc. Anybody who wants to understand autism!

When did it first strike you to share your knowledge on how to cope at the dentist or hairdresser and other information that parents and carers may find useful?

I honestly feel almost like I have been keeping a big secret I need to disclose to other parents, carers, health professionals and the public at large!

Experiences of trying to deal with autistic behavior to help others who have care of or are in contact with, a child with an autism diagnosis, so that they can understand their child or charge and cope a little better.

Quite often when your child is diagnosed with autism, no ‘Fairy Godmother’ appears to help you, so you cope as a parent as best you can. Hopefully, my book replaces the need for the ‘Fairy Godmother’! I do re-tell true life situations and some horrible situations that occurred just so others can be forewarned and understand before it happens to their child!

If you take your child to the dentist or barber and they have a melt-down, it is important for the dentist, barber or hairdresser to be able to cope with looking after your child properly, taking their specific needs into consideration. If you understand why your child is behaving like that, then you can explain to the barber, hairdresser, dentist why and how they can cope i.e. sensory issues! You can also make sure you plan the trip to the dentist or barber or hairdresser with your child, so they can cope a little better throughout!

Where can we get your book?

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