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DDMLighting Designs, Delivers and Manages the installation high-quality lighting systems for commercial and residential projects in Toronto, Canada. Founded in June 2011, DDMLighting combines 30 years of expertise and experience. Their mission is to provide great lighting and excellent customer experience in the Design, Deliver and Management phases of each project - no matter how small. We have conducted an interview with them.

Why is it important for lighting system to be well plan, well executed and implemented?

Electricians are good at pulling wire and installing lighting fixtures safely and to code, architects are typically excellent at designing structures, and interior designers are amazing at pulling together materials and aesthetics to deliver an overall look...but, none of them have the time to stay on top to the constantly changing world of lighting. This is especially true now, as LEDs are growing in the depth and breadth of use in both residential and commercial applications.

Additionally, lighting can affect your health. Use of LEDs that produce too much blue light can affect the production of melatonin which is responsible for the control and management of sleep and sleep patterns.

Lastly, with renovation projects there are ALWAYS site conditions that were not foreseeable prior to the design/demolition phases. So having a lighting systems designer such as DDMLighting, will ensure that the correct decisions are made to accommodate and overcome these site conditions without affecting the light output for the space.

How accommodating are you to meet your client's budgetary constraints?

We do not charge for our time in any phase of the project. So we are able to take client feedback on cost, look and delivery and produce a new lighting system design without additional cost to the client. Typically we ask clients to give us their strong emotions/feelings on the lighting system design that we produce, a "love it" or a "hate it" gives the best direction as to how to adjust our design to meet their needs and desires for their project.

What is your motto? What kind of customer's experience can be expected?

Treat small jobs like they are big projects, and big projects like they are small that all clients (defined by us a person under our care and guidance) feel that they receive they best of service from us with the personal touch that makes them feel like a part of our family.

How experience is your team in terms of being lighting experts in the commercial arena?

We have over 35 years of experience in lighting, project management, large scale procurement and corporate purchasing negotiations. Each year for the past 5, we have designed and implemented at least one large-scale commercial project on the order of $150,000 in lighting. This year we will complete 6 commercial projects with a total value of $1.5 million. We have become the go-to lighting systems designer in North America for commercial projects.

Which is the most challenging project undertaken so far?

We just completed a large scale, multi-site lighting system design and implementation project in the Caribbean. It required extensive redesigns and client consultations, multiple site visits, onsite trade education and training and detailed troubleshooting to accomplish. There were many moving pieces for this project, but we were able to knit all of it together for the client so that the grand opening was met with huge fanfare with regard to the energy efficient lighting that delivered a spectacle.
We have been welcomed back to this particular island to light the prime ministers office and residence, as well as multiple other high visibility projects that require our expertise to light properly, cost effectively and with plenty of "WOW"-factor.

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