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Today our guest is Eduardo Donawa from Detroit, Michigan. He is the founder of Digikuz llc also known as DkDETROIT Brand. It was established early 2015 as a headphone and apparel company providing affordable lifestyle brand products. We have conducted an interview with Eduardo.

What inspires you to create this lifestyle brand 'DkDetroit'?

What inspires me is the idea of creating something from nothing and working with what you have. Not only did I build a foundation for myself and others, DkDetroit can also inspire future entrepreneurs to become enlightened enough to go for their goals.

Which efforts did you make so as to relate your product with music, tech and sports?

Efforts made were and still is collaborating with well-known musicians, music insiders, and music video product placement, attending events like TEDx and tech week, and sports as a marketing portal to bring awareness to the brand to name a few.

What is your target audience favourite kind of lifestyle products?

Target audience favorite lifestyle product would be the American hustle hoodies and the Dkdetroitbrand headphones.

Which radio personality and celebrities do you invite to grace your brand of products?
Celebs who embraced the brand are 107.5 radio personality DJBJ, Boldy James of mass appeals manager Mr.Brown, Channel 7 Detroit news member Quentill Howell, grammy nominated producer Lloyd(specs)Turner and more to come this year.

How unique are your headphones? What differentiates your brand from the rest?

The uniqueness is in the #boss #brand and #character of the business. Also the Detroit exclusive and reasonably priced headphones which will still leave consumers with money in their pocket.

What differentiates the brand from the rest is starting solo with no handouts just and idea and a logo 12 months later DkDetroitbrand is apart of accelerator program. Stay tuned for those details. Last but not least to inspire the people of Detroit to use what they have and go for it.

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