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HipStar™ is a multipurpose, comfortable and durable, collapsible cart that makes it easy to move heavy items hands-free over any type of terrain. The HipStar’s versatility allows it to be used as a cart or a backpack depending on the needs of its user. We have conducted an interview with the inventor of Hipstar Igor Koshutin.

What inspires you to this design with the harness and frame?

If you have ever used a wheelbarrow to haul stuff, you probably have noticed that in addition to lifting it up, you have to exert extra force to push or pull it in order to move it from one place to another. It might make it easier on you if the weight's center of gravity (CG) was balanced close to the wheel axle, but a wheelbarrow is not designed to do such a trick.

In the case of HipStar, the weight is already balanced on top of a two-wheel axle, and fine adjustments are made just by “bending” the frame, taking the strain off the user and letting technology do all the work. By having an adjustable frame, the HipStar accommodates a wide range of weights, and by keeping a bag’s CG not only above but slightly ahead of the wheel axle, the HipStar's overall stability is increased, eliminating pushback force created while walking or running that would overturn the cart. As a result, a bag’s weight is supported almost entirely by the frame, and the user applies only the pulling force to generate movement.

After solving the balancing problem, I faced another issue: even a small weight generates annoying “push-and-pulls” when rigidly attached to your body during movement. Walking is a series of accelerations and decelerations - or “stop-and-go”. I had to build a few prototypes before I figured out how to keep it from bumping into you when you walk or run. Two-way shock absorbers installed between handles and frame and a flexible harness even out any disturbing walking motions for a comfortable experience. This also minimizes the pushing force of the equipment on the mounting point to the human body.

Now, no matter the size, shape, type, or weight of your bag or suitcase, the HipStar will give you the same level of comfort so you can walk or run without even feeling the weight of your bag. And if you ever need to climb some steps or cross an obstacle, simply convert it into a backpack and you’re all set.

Who are the regular users of this product?

The HipStar is perfect for a wide range of travelers - from those who want to go on a short stroll, to professional mountaineers. When traveling, people have always needed to carry items with them, but often are forced to make tough decisions as to what items they can fit in their backpacks, suitcases, or bags. The HipStar™ is the solution for anyone seeking an effective means to transport heavy items without compromising on comfort. It will make life easier for people who are constantly on the go and is the perfect accessory for everyone. Tourists, hikers, mountaineers, backpackers, fishermen, foragers, hunters, golfers will all find the HipStar’s unique design a convenient addition to their activities. Not to mention senior citizens or people with back problems - it will breathe new life into their adventures all while reducing unnecessary physical stress.

What is the weight limits of 'HipStar'?

The HipStar™ will be available in three versions: Light, Medium, and Heavy-duty. The heavy-duty model allows users to move up to 80 lbs (or even more) of gear with only 6-8 lbs. of force in cart mode. If the user decides to convert the HipStar to backpack mode, the weight limit might very depending on how much the user is willing to carry on their back. Medium and light models are rated for a lighter load, and are respectively lighter themselves, which is ideal for light hikers and city tourists.

In which other situations, besides during hiking, camping, traveling can HipStar be used?

Thus far, the HipStar has received a ton of positive reviews and support! Every person who sees it always comes up with a new and personalized way to use it. The best ideas come from strangers who stop me on the street or the trail during my test runs.

A short while ago, I met a woman who was running and pushing a baby stroller in front of her. She spotted the HipStar, so she stopped and asked to try it out. After a few minutes, she fell in love with it, surprised at how stable and smooth it was while running. You can see it on video. She wanted to get one for herself and customize it with a baby seat to make her morning runs more comfortable!

A gentleman at Santa Monica beach said that he would use HipStar by carrying his family stuff from parking lot to the beach, and another one would use it by carrying their company booth’s accessories from parking lots to the trade shows floors.

The list goes on and all of them have been thrilled with adapting HipStar to their daily life.

What are your goals for your Kickstarter campaign?

While we’ve been developing HipStar™ for quite some time now, we couldn't have done it without the support of others. We felt it was the right time to open it to the Kickstarter community to help receive feedback and raise the funds to get our project off the ground. Here's our plan for the immediate future:

- Finalize Product Development & Design
- Purchase initial inventory
- Set-up different point of sales
- Initiate a massive branding and marketing campaign

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