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Interview with author Stuart Anderson Harris

Tonight our guest is Stuart Anderson Harris from Manchester, England. He is the author of two children's books "The Pirate Shrew" and "The Archaeology Fox". We have conducted an interview with him.

Which are the children's books that you have authored?

The books I have wrote are "The Pirate Shrew" and "The Archaeology Fox"

How different are your two books and why did you write them?

The general themes of the book are the same as they have morals and learning, which is important when children first start reading. I wrote the two books out of telling story's to my children, I just decided to write one or two down instead and see what other people thought of them, it was actually a friend that recommended sending the Pirate Shrew to a publisher, and it's all gone from there!

What would you like to achieve?

Something I would like to achieve is to write a book that everyone enjoyed, that opened the eyes of children and taped into their imagination, the layout of the book was for children like my son who are on the autistic spectrum.

How did the pirate Shrew inspires children? What are your key messages?

The Pirate Shrew is like most children, wanting to stay at home and play and are quite head strong. But the message is even when you think you know better then Mum and dad if things don't work out they are there for you and school is the place to be.

Of all the animals, why did you choose the Fox for your second book?

For the second book I chose a fox because they are beautiful animals, cleaver, cunning... oh and they also like to dig!

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