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Interview with bestselling author and web designer Radu Balas

Radu Balas is a #1 Amazon bestselling author, a web designer, and he also has a lucrative business working online full-time. Radu is 30 years old, but his online career began at the age of 15 creating logo designs on various obscure websites and forums. He did very well in this arena and his success soared from where when he discovered 99designs, a popular online design contest marketplace. We have conducted an interview with Radu.

At what age did you start your logo design business? What is your success story?

I was 15 years and at that age I wouldn’t say it’s a business. I was simply a teen enjoying the internet when it was just starting and becoming more accessible even to young people like I was before. But the real catalyst was when I discovered 99designs, a popular online design contest marketplace. From there, my online successes have been unstoppable. I fell in love with the world wide web. I can’t think of anything else I would be doing today other than running a business online.

What has your company become nowadays?

There has been immense growth since. There’s plenty to explore in the world wide web and my portfolio just keeps on growing. I’ve built a team of web designers to run the business with me, they’re my trusted colleagues and friends. We work with several top authors and businesses build their website and use this to leverage their book and brand. We are here to help them position their brand in the most profitable way possible.

Which are the available project categories?

A lot if I get to the details but let me trim that down into just 4 major categories:

1. Publishing and marketing – authors can concentrate on writing but everything else will be done by my team, i.e., to get their book out there and be seen by their target market
2. Author Platform – a home on the web, to make your presence known
3. Marketing funnel – you can get as many Facebook likes as you want but, no, that wouldn’t do that job. We know how to seep through the clutter to make you stand out
4. Social Media – don’t get fooled by 10,000 followers if half of them are either robots or just trolls. Get real followers that produce real sales

How does 99designs work? How does your business benefit people?

If you want a design done for you, start a contest and a community of more than 1 million designers will brainstorm their ideas for you. It’s best for small to medium businesses who can’t afford a full-time designer. My success soared when I won a contest here and starting that time, I got new and repeat clients who worked with me directly on projects. Our company charge by project so it’s cost-saving, there’s no need to hire any of us full-time but they get top notch design quality.

What does a contest holder get based on the listing fee?

Each party benefits from the contest. The contest holder gets the full design copyright while the winner gets the prize money.
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