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Interview with mixed media artist Daniel Crosier

Daniel Crosier is a graduate of RMCAD 2000, in Denver, CO with an BFA in sculpture. He is a mixed media artist, and began a neo-kabuki performance group called OFM: OdAm fEI mUd in 2003. Crosier came on the comic book scene in 2006 writing and illustrating Sons of Soil, The Exquisite Vanishteer, Distortions Unlimited, Vincent Price Presents, as well as illustrating Bartholomew of the Scissors & Caustic Soda. Crosier partnered with The Enigma and Serana Rose for Show Devils comic book series, with several illustrators including. He has directed short films since 2005, and currently developing a documentary film on amusement parks, after Isolation Man, a mockumentary about a superhero who accidentally vanishes the western hemisphere. Daniel is also one of the organizers of Dink Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo. He is currently in production on a few different books with other collaborators on ShowDevils #4, a pinup book, Wen Dayglo, and Bug Cake. We have conducted an interview with him.

What is your background and how did you come into the comic book industry?

I have a BFA in sculpture from RMCAD in Denver, CO. With that, explored different materials, and did life size wood assemblage pieces. I started introducing illustrated elements. From those I was getting hired to illustrate covers off Myspace. Yeah, when Myspace was a thing. That just segued into illustrating sequential art on wood and wood burning.

Now I mostly illustrate using ink on wood and sometime laser engraving.

What are you best known for?

Being the “Wood Guy”. Again illustrating on wood, wood burning, and laser engraved comics. Something that really don’t come across much with other artists in the comic book industry. Fine art and commercial art, for sure, that exists there, too.

Which are 3 of your favourite works in writing and illustrating?

Of mine? It is usually whatever I am working on currently. My laser engraved series called “Mr. Skinsman’s Lime Green Yogurt Mythology”. Skinsman is my introverted deity with self-confidence issues. Working on and all ages book called “Bug Cake” and writing a book for another artist called “Wen Dayglo”, about a spirit of the forest that decides he wants to cash in on human greed and be a reality show producer.

Oh others? “Lone Wolf and Cub” from writer Kazuo Koike and artist Goseki Kojima. Epic! influenced me to create my old samurai demon group”OFM”. Really enjoyed the “Game of Thrones” books. Recently enjoyed R. Alan Brooks “The Burning Metronome”.

Who did you partner with for "Show Devils" comic book series?

It kind of like “The Devil’ Rejects” meets “Scooby-Doo” anthology series, which allows me to bring in a lot of talent. It is a licensed comic book from the sideshow performer The Enigma of X-Files and Ripley’s Believe It or Not fame along with his old partner Serana Rose. I’ve partnered with some great artists here in Denver including Karl Christian Krumpholz, Jolyon Yates, Stan Yan, Joe Oliver, Gerhard Kaaihue, and we’re working on the fourth on this macabre series with Dion Harris, Rio Burton and J. James McFarland.

Who inspires you on the mockumentary 'Isolation Man’?

Isolation Man” came about after witnessing how America treats immigrants. It was pretty shitty. So my Vanisher character in the book reflects that lack of empathy, even after he makes so many people disappear by accident. I was influenced by “Adult Swim” humor, “Monty Python” skits and “John Waters’ Pink Flamingoes”.

When did you start on short films directing?

I starting directing the stage productions like OFM in 2002/2003. I made an art film called ManMadeHuman in 2005, trying to figure out the camera and editing. Then a couple of PPP: Plush Posh Pink mocking the silliness of the KKK’s need to hide their shame and dress like Casper the not too friendly ghost. Eventually, that all led to what I do now.

What are your current documentary films about?

Currently we’re developing a doc for the Coney Island of the midwest, Lakeside amusement park in Colorado. It is one of the last family owned amusement parks. I did co-produce and help some art chores on the Neal Cassady: The Denver Years doc which highlights the beat icon in his native Denver, which was on PBS in 2014.

Which one do you most look forward to see its completion, why?

All of them! All of them! All of Them! I’m happy with which ever makes it to the finish line first. I have a film adaptation of the ShowDevils book in the works plus a Meatballs meets Mad Max film called Camp Crash in development. So yikes! I don’t sleep much.

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