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Interview with music composer Gilbert Engle

Gilbert Engle is a major music composer with more than 600 compositions from Reston, VA. He is also a visual artist with more than 300 works of art. We have conducted an interview with him.

What are the stuffs you have given away so far?

Everything has been free for quite awhile now I can't exactly tell you have many times 2014 Piano Sonota 2 has been listened to. I am starting to get some real traffic numbers now. Interest is going up! 

What led you to start building the portal?

My career was as a software developer, so I had the tools I needed to put things together. was built by a team in Madrid. I have always wanted to expose my stuff to the world.

Why are you giving away your stuff for free? What is your goal?

When you listen to well constructed music, this increases your intelligence. This is because you are hearing new patterns. These new patterns help increase your creativity as well. You can have more ideas, because you now have more patterns. So my goal is to help anyone interested to increase their intelligence. I taught myself how to compose music. This increased my intellectual firepower tremendously.

From my perspective, trying to earn money from my music is impossible. I am retired, so why not just give it all away for free?

What is included in your music compositions? Amongst them, which 3 are your personal favourite?

Hmmmm, that is an interesting question. My musical compositions are extracted from the virtual infinity, which was true for Mozart and Bach. I don't think I ever learned even 10 songs in my life. So what's included in my music is the maximum expressions of my own creativity. There is no way I can pick any favorites. I can tell you that I think I have created a new musical genre with an album I am finishing right now. It's big band instruments, but with totally modern drums and bass guitar.

Which are some of the featured top performers from the mid-Atlantic area in your recordings?

Excellent question!
Peter Fraize - saxophones
Sean Peck - drums
Marc Capponi - keyboards
Mike Pryor - bass
Charles Wright - guitar, bass

There are others, but this is everybody I have been working with lately.

You have a special tattoo on your left arm. Why do you feel E=mc2 is an equation that represents beauty, truth, creativity, destruction, and in particular why 'terror'?

Well the thought of E=mc2 in the possession of extremely knowledgeable "bad guys" is certainly enough to incite terror.
E=mc2 represents beauty in it's simple form. It is not an ugly equation with 50 variables.
E=mc2 represents creativity because that's what it took to find it.
E-mc2 represents destruction because of what has sometimes happened with one application

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