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Interview with technologist Antonio Fernandes

Today our guest is Antonio Fernandes, a Technologist who helps people, startups, and companies during their Digital Transformation & Innovation processes through evangelization in CyberSecurity and Emerging Technologies. We have conducted an interview with Antonio.

In your opinion as a Technologist, which are 2017's biggest cybersecurity threats?

From a domestic point of view, Ransomware is at the top of the list, though rather than just taking over our documents, we have to worry about our phones, smart TVs, wireless cameras, and all kinds of smart appliances in the IoT.

For businesses, this same Ransomware is equally a threat, though what is in danger are critical structures that are being integrated via Industry 4.0.

On the other hand, how do we know that there aren’t already sophisticated Trojans that steal information, index it, and exploit it via Big Data in benefit of “the bad guys?”

Cyber attacks, whether directed or not, are on the rise, and even if we don’t think that we are targets, we can get caught in the crossfire of APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats).

Why do you think plenty of businesses are still struggling to stay on top of their social channels?

In many cases, I believe it’s a question of a lack of vision and not knowing how to define a strategy to take advantage of and use social media.

Many businesses want to receive benefits without giving anything in return. Currently, we’re in an age of information overload, and what remains most valuable is quality content that is useful to users, who are in turn always prospective customers.

Take, if you will, this piece of wisdom from the world of handiwork: “measure twice, cut once.” Analytics, A/B testing, listen to users, be proactive, and know how to react.

Finally, many will get desperate upon not getting results within the first week; what they don’t realize is that obtaining them is more like a marathon than a sprint.

What kind of challenges have you overcome while working on implementations in organisations?

Denial of a need to adapt to change, stagnation…

Few want to change their habits and step out of their comfort zone. Changes come by faster every day due to constant innovation in science and technology, but many people are obstinate and firmly believe that what they read in the papers or hear at conferences doesn’t apply to them and is far from reality.

We’re talking about a paradigm shift that will happen before 2030, in less than 15 years.

You have to be able to adapt and turn the tables or prepare to disappear. How long does an average business last today in comparison to 60 years ago?

How do you describe yourself as a Technologist helping people, startups, and companies?

I listen to the problems that they have (or think they have) and explain whether or not they’re related to strategic errors, or to bad or inexistent use of technology in their processes.

I do detailed and customized research on every organization and its needs, and coordinate the work of specialists and mentors to correct the direction of the business.

What are your strengths?

I consider myself a Renaissance man since I’ve always had an insatiable interest in learning about any subject and listening to the points of view of other people, both historical and contemporary.

I believe that listening twice as much as I speak allows me to achieve many of the things I have accomplished up to this time. 

What are some of the topics you speak about as a facilitator and speaker?

Hahaha, I don’t know… Currently, I am doing a lot on the topic of cybersecurity, digital transformation, and whenever possible, transhumanism… Humans are going to need quite a bit of technological assistance to be “somebody” when the time of singularity arrives.

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