Interview with Tony T. Williams

Tonight our guest is Tony T. Williams from Shreveport, Louisiana. He is currently residing in Seoul, Korea. Tony is very interested and active in the community and loves politics and community service organizations. His current focuses are with the Military Order of the Cootie #, Korean War Veterans (KWVA) INC #299, American Legion #38 and Veterans of Foreign Wars #8180. As a Cootie, he visits the local hospital monthly presenting fruit, snacks and candy to patients and staff.

What do you like most about being active in the community?

What I like most about community involvement is making a difference. It gives me great joy to see how volunteering affects others. My religious beliefs also drive me to help others.

What draws you to politics and community service organizations?

What draw me to politics and community service is ownership. Anyone can complain, but not everyone can lead. It takes a special type of person to identify a problem, create a plan to rectify the problem, and encourage others to act… I am that person.

How did you get involved?

I first became involved as a teen when I worked in my church and volunteered in local political campaigns.

Where are your writings published?

The few publications that I have written can be located in: The Shreveport Times Newspaper, The Shreveport Sun Newspaper, the Gerontological Society of America Online Network, The Morning Calm Newspaper, and CNN iReports.

What is your current focus?

My current focus is on visiting the sick in the local military hospital in Seoul, Korea and honoring legacies of service as we conduct numerous ceremonies throughout the year here. I am also exploring art so I have been practicing by following the style of 15th century Korean Joseon Dynasty artist. I am also very into family history and run a family history Facebook page tracing my ancestry over 15 generation to England and Ireland. Lastly, I plan to complete my Master of Arts Degree this year and am currently in my first second-year class.

Which are the most challenging issues at the present time?

My most challenging issues it balance. I am very active in the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Military Order of the Cootie. Compounding that is working five days a week, taking college classes at night and the demands of a wife and two sons. I don’t find any one organization more challenging than the other.

For your drawings and art, who influences you the most? 

I love Joseon Dynasty art and there are many royal artist that painted leaders during that era. The ones that I follow are the artists whom painted members of the Gwangsan Kim Clan. The reasoning for this ties into my family history hobby. This particular Kim line is of my wife and sons. As I learn about their very unique history, I refine my drawing and painting skills by recreating centuries old historical art.

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