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Kingdom B - Interview with Renata Lopes-Merriam

Renata Lopes-Merriam was born and raised in Brazil and has lived and worked in the US and Europe, often operating as a liaison between the three regions. She studied in Paris and US, has a BBA in Int'l Management, a minor in Contemporary Art, and an MBA in International Marketing.

Since 2010, she has utilized her global network of leading professionals and creative types to found Kingdom B, a Business Development company that connects Brands and Projects, worldwide. We have conducted an interview with Renata.

What is Kingdom B?

Kingdom B is a company that connects brands, people and projects.

Why did you create the company?

I created the company to simplify the process of matching these parties,so that more time can be devoted to the activation of the synergies between them.

What do you believe most about collaborations?

Collaborations are the easiest, most effective way to produce a win-win, so that both parties can focus on producing a better third outcome, together, elevating results for all parties involved.

How did you build your network?

I built my network through years working on Marketing, Sales and Business Development in USA, Europe and Latin America. I am a citizen of USA, EU, and Brazil.

Which subjects interest you the most?

After many years focused in Fashion and Luxury Goods, I now work with Digital Platforms, Ideas-companies, and Brands and Products in the Wellness space.

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