Last Night, When I Prayed

Sunshine Rodgers is an author from Orlando, FL. Her first book is a Christian nonfiction distributed nationwide and published with Xulon Press. Her 2nd book is about to be launched, a graphic novel titled "Last Night, When I Prayed." We have conducted an interview with Sunshine.

What is the main message that you want to deliver via your Christian nonfiction book?

The main message I want the readers to understand is the closeness and intimacy we can have with God. Sometimes we view Him as a Being up in the sky somewhere who is not at all interested in us, but quite the opposite, He is very near and available and intricately involved in our everyday lives. The more we can recognize this truth, the more we can begin to see Him as close as a father.

How do you craft the characters in your book?

So, in my 2nd book, I had to create some “fantastical” characters but all inspired by biblical stories. I thought about how demons are represented and how angels are portrayed from scripture and then gave these characters in my book life and personalities tied around those truths. I had to think, “How would angels and demons interact with each other?” “How would they interact with human beings down on Earth?”

What is so unique about your second book?

Well, I’ve personally never done a graphic novel before, so creating this was unique to me. But the pages are exceptional as the story is matched with entertaining designs and emotional drawings of what Heaven, Hades, angels and demons would look like. This book will really draw in the readers as they can relate to the little boy, desperately praying for God to help.

When will it be launched?

A few weeks before Easter, 2017. So in just a few short months! Very exciting! The pre-sales start next month!

Why did you decide to publish your graphic novel "Last Night, When I Prayed"?

I’ve had this storyline in my head for years, but it was a short story. So in an attempt to bring vitality to the pages, I knew I needed to hire an illustrator to not only show the action, but to portray the message better. I knew this would be a fun read for anyone!

Who help you the most in the entire journey of completing your book?

Of course, my Illustrator Hector Acosta was my main man when it comes to his beautiful illustrations and drawings. He took his time making sure each page was full of passion; the energy jumping off each page. And my husband Travis reads, proofreads and re-reads all my books before they get published! He is my partner in this entire process and I couldn’t have done any of this without him.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

As far as literary icons go, I absolutely love C.S. Lewis. Every time I read one of his books, he just blows me away. I also have a library filled with Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes, John Maxwell, Creflo Dollar, Mike Murdock and Gene Edwards. I absolutely love reading, and these authors and spiritual mentors truly keep me focused on sharing the Christian message in a new light.

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