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Lonely Floater

Lonely Floater is a lifestlye brand that was created by Wallie and Lo. It is a brand that was started out of Mount Vernon, NY in Oct 2016. The first products released by Lonely Floater were 4 dad hats with different emblems that correlate to a huge storyline behind the brand. It has a vast Hip-Hop, EDM, and punkrock underground network across the United States. It was a project that was under wraps for about a year and some months. A majority of the design are minimalist but have a deep, detailed meaning behind it. Most of the hype comes from the Instagram with scenic photos and extremely deep and relatable quotes. We have conducted an interview with Wallie and Lo.

What is your story behind the brand 'Lonely Floater'?

The Lonely Floater is a lifestyle clothing brand that basically represents people who feel/know that they’re different. In a world where social standards and goals are made for you, we believe in following our dreams. Where do you get most of your design inspirations from? Our designs are fabrications of real life experiences, places we’ve gone, and even people that we’ve met.


Who do you want to reach?

The world. But, our main focus is those kids in rough neighborhoods who get scared into living life a certain way and/or have been told that what they want to be in life is wrong.

How did the official image of the "Floater Sighting" evolve?

The official image of the Floater Sighting evolved from a childhood event from Lo. As a child he went through a rough patch in life and one night saw a balloon pass by the moon. Legend has it, he imagined that the balloon would take him to a better place than where he was at the time.


Do you find the emphasis of the founders' hardship in their success journey helpful to cast a deep impression? 

Yes, we definitely do! There are many nights without sleep, hours turned into weeks, and the motivation we get from people across the world. We can’t claim ourselves as a lifestyle clothing brand based on following your dreams and not walk on the stars we’ve painted we’ve painted in the sky.
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