Moggy Creatures

Scott Frazelle has been working in the entertainment industry for ten years, working on set of feature films and commercials. He has been building custom mechanical props for most of that time. He has a degree in screenwriting from the University of Southern California, a school known to produce influential writers. Currently, he is attempting to crowdfund the budget for an independent horror film Moggy Creatures. We have conducted an interview with him.

What makes your film so unique?

Moggy Creatures is a throwback to classic creature-features, where a monster is an actual character and driving force of the story. The movie also features live hairless cats, and mutated versions of them. We'll be using Practical FX, meaning the monsters, the mutated cats, will be actual creatures with the actors in the scenes, not computer-generated and added later.

Many people love cats, what are you views about making a horror film about mutant cats?

It's BECAUSE people love cats that I decided to make a horror film around them! I love the idea of taking something close and trusted, and making it scary. I also happen to think cats are the perfect creatures to turn on us. I think they're only our friends because they're small. In reality, though, cat owners have been the strongest supporters on Twitter and Instagram. The hairless cat owners have been the most vocal, I think they're excited to see a movie where their favorite pet is a star!

How did you manage to become an indie filmmaker?

When I sold my first script, I was invited to visit the set and be a part of the production. I was hooked! I ended up working on the majority of the production, quit my day job and started working in the independent film world. I've done a little of everything on set, but worked mostly as an Assistant Director before moving into the props and FX world.

What are your main goals of your Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign?

I'm hoping to get horror fans on board with my concept; if they vote with their wallets, it's a tremendous reassurance to a production company that the project is viable, and their is already a fan base involved. I've been to a lot of conventions and worked on a lot of sets, there seems to be a strong but often understated love of this kind of project; a strong script with quality execution and artistry in the visuals. The big studios have sort of let this genre fall to the wayside, but horror fans (who spend a lot in the genre) are eager for something like this.

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