Shan Malik - From Entrepreneur to Entertainer

Shan Malik, the Entrepreneur and the diligent young man has recently opened up about himself and gave his fans an insight to his wonderful, hard-working personality. Very well-known in the industry by his character which is full of entertainment and love for others, he has yet again proved himself of being someone, the wondrous youth could look up to. The exchange of conversation between the two had been thoroughly interesting and the words echoed of the hard work and effort that Mr. Malik puts into his business and career. Some of the notable question and answers had been:

"How do you judge your path from being an entrepreneur to an entertainer? What were your challenges?"

[Shan]: "When you really want to become a person of your dreams, the path is never easy. It is not only tiring; it is very twisted and complicated. Often we do not even have the clear vision to what our struggles are leading us to. Entrepreneurship was the base to the goals I had set for myself. The transition was not easy, but the end was fantastic, purely satisfying." 

The discussion about the change of careers went on. And a beautiful conclusion was drawn from the star's views, that is, on the road to being successful, a person might have to change directions. But the person has got to pull himself together and face his challenges, just like Shan does.

The next series of questions was very interesting. It went like: 

"How many followers do you have? How broad is your reach?"

[Shan]: "I have around one million followers on Facebook and quite a few thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter. And my monthly reach is approximately three to five million."

"That is immense, undoubtedly. So, what kind of promotional activities do you participate in?"

[Shan]: "I like participating in promotional activities like the sponsorship of brands and productions of media, events, gigs, and Bollywood and music stuff."

"And, are there any other businesses that you do?"

[Shan]: "Yes, there is my family business of sports goods, leather products and trading that I usually take care of alongside of my career."

Interesting, isn't it? Singlehandedly achieving all his goals and taking care of his family businesses as well. Next came the talk of achievements:

"What topics do you speak about in social media conferences?"

[Shan]: "Although, I like to talk about many, many things but I keep my talk concise and mainly focus on the advantages, tips, advertisement on Facebook and new innovations."

"What has been the scale of concerts and events that you have held or promoted? And, what are the locations of these events?"

[Shan]: "The events that I had held or promoted were attended by thousands of people; they were immensely large-scale and well-advertised events. My main locations had been Pakistan, Dubai and London."

Speaking about some of his personal sides, he confidently uplifted the morals of his fans. And gave a simple, hidden message, straightaway: Do not stop chasing your dreams.
Then, came some fun questions like:

"Could you tell us some of your favourite holiday destinations?"

[Shan]: "Oh yes, I love the vacations talk. Well, first and foremost America, then the United Kingdom. On with Europe, Turkey and Sri Lanka."

And, lastly:

"What are your future plans regarding media industry?"

[Shan]: "Regarding the media and entertainment, my only goal right now is to work hard and grow continuously. I plan to inspire the youth through my skills and expand my platform. I really want to provide my fans with the best entertainment based on social media, and this is exactly what my plans are directed towards."

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