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The Deceitful Heart

Tonight our guest is James Godfrey the author of the mystery/thriller book titled, "The Deceitful Heart". We have conducted an interview with him.

What attracts you to write in the Thriller and Mystery genre?

We as human beings have an insatiable appetite for a good mystery. We want to be guided through this world of intrigue, because the unknown is so fascinating to us. A good mystery will keep you reading, and have plenty of twists and turns. I love when I am reading a good thriller/mystery and have it all figured by the middle of the book. Then the next chapter unfolds with new information that makes you go, “I figured that all wrong.” Then you are back to the beginning of who you thought committed the crimes. In this genre, you can have some many different elements come together to make a good story. Some of the best stories that I have read in this genre utilized very effectively elements of the paranormal to tell their stories.

I also saw that this genre was becoming a little too stale and predictable. Most of the stories that I have read recently. I could figure out the ending in only four chapters, and then skip to the ending to see that I was right. This is when I decided to come up with something that was completely unique and never seen before. While incorporating elements that seem to have nothing to do with each other, but blended very well in a surprising way.

How is the character development of your books like?

I take a very different approach to my character development than other writers. Each of my characters is carefully crafted from a real-life counterpart that inspires them. This allows me to visualize the story as it is unfolding for the reader. Writing is all about creating that mental picture. While giving the reader a better opportunity to immerse themselves in the story, because these characters feel so real to them. Therefore, the story must have a basis in reality. This is what makes the reader committed to the story and memorable. As a writer, our goal is to create that memorable experience for the reader. In “The Deceitful Heart”, I created characters that were a way to honor those very close to me that have passed away, and thank them dearly for the contribution they made in shaping the person that I am today.

Who inspires you to craft 'Sgt. James Travers'? How long did you take to craft this character?

In essence, the character of Sgt. James Travers is me. I utilized my unique life experiences both professionally and personally to craft this truly intriguing and essential character. When we look at the hero of any mystery that is there to save the day and catch the villain. We see all too often that these characters are very unrealistic. The characters that I create tell the story, and to deliver the story effectively. The characters have to feel real. The other aspect of crafting Sgt. Travers, I noticed in my law enforcement career. The general consensus of thought was that law enforcement officers are not human. They are seen as unfeeling, uncaring, robots of the government. I wanted Sgt. Travers to have that strong and tough exterior, but I also wanted to convey to the reader that he was a deeply caring human being. Just like everyone else, he has his own set of challenges that he has to overcome to complete his mission of serving justice and to catch a killer.

Why do you think your true calling is writing Crime dramas?

We as human beings are very aware of the constant battle between good and evil. The need to be assured that there are brave souls that will stand ready to repel the darkness is a basic human need. Now combine this basic human need with my unique professional experience as a law enforcement officer, private investigator, and executive protection specialist. These experiences alone give me so much fertile ground to craft such unique crime dramas with that hint of reality.

What planted the seed to develop the stories you have written?

The main inspiration for the stories that I write is my personal and professional experiences. When writing horror, I have been inspired by the late Wes Craven. I always admired his way of bringing a story to life. When it comes to the writing in the paranormal genre, my own experiences have inspired me to try and explain them. This is why I only use others real experiences in my stories.

How do you keep your story in a non-stop action thrill ride?

The best way to achieve this goal is to first set the tone in the first chapter. Where you make your hero of the story unwillingly brought into a situation. Where they really do not want to be in, and of course that situation is going to be impossible to achieve the desired goal. So, your hero must make the impossible possible. The action must flow in a believable manner. So many writers make this very big mistake. They try to impress the reader so much. They often miss on capturing the reader for the entire story. What I can say for my follow up book, The Devil Comes to Collect”. James Travers is brought back into the world of covert operations with a newly created Seal Team tasked with stopping a horrible new bio-weapon from being released. Nothing will be as it seems as the action unfolds. James Travers quickly realizes that he can trust no one, not even his teammates. An old nemesis from the “The Deceitful Heart” will come back to do battle with James Travers.

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