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We have conducted an interview with Eduardo Donawa from Detroit Michigan about the next Digikuz llc venture.

How was 'DkDetroit LAB' started?

DkDetroit labs started as a headphone brand. The headphone concept of a niche market for Detroit that could afford consumer electronics without paying for the big name and corporate hike ups. After a successful photo shoot and posting promo ads founder took notice of the presentation. The company was asked to take part in an academy/training course to advance quicker from a seed startup to possible exit venture with standard criteria that had to be met. The objective was to create an opportunity from a problem you felt could be solved. I took on the challenge and decided to learn the multi-billion dollars mobile gaming industry. An entrepreneurial adventure that can teach logistics skills in becomingbusiness-mindedd because the city of Detroit public school system is failing drastically. Reaching the youth with smartphone adventures can keep their attention in a way that the schools can not.

What was your most memorable experience during your startup phase?

Most memorable experience during startup phase is the present moment I'm currently having meeting insiders or public figures like Teddy Florea(director of nordic games in the 2nd largest gaming industry in Europe)who understands the concept of the gaming project. Another memorable experience is being apart of an academy that helps entrepreneurs across the country and being 1 of few is a significant journey.

Why and how was it meaningful for you to help those around you?

Why its meaningful is because this opportunity can provide jobs and different learning experiences in Detroit for people who cant or don't have guidance to reach full potential and discover characteristics unknown. It also can create an ecosystem of funding for the investors, shareholders, the community, and the employees.

Which kind of activities that you have done that helps your brand being discovered via Twitter?

Wow, the activity that helped the brand get discovered was one that is often overlooked which was #seo search engine optimization. Seo allows the content to be shared in a unique vault or gallery where outsiders you are not connected to can see your posts or material. A little bit of luck and timing with the right people online can give you some leverage when you are always prepared.

What was the problem which you have identified that inspires the mobile gaming app?

The problem is we're taught to work for someone while getting a formal education. Nothing is wrong with that but everything isn't for everyone. Mobile gaming app that implements real life business logistics can spark an entrepreneur minded person to think of creatinislanes for the next generation and a chain reaction can begin versus depending on collapsing industries and expensive institutions that leave you in debt.

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