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ECM Om Arts - interview with crystal healer Elizabeth Colburn-Moraites

Today our guest is Elizabeth Colburn-Moraites from Arlington, MA. She is a Crystal Healer, Intuitive Reader, Meditation Teacher, and Artist. We have conducted an interview with her.

What are the differences between working with your clients from your healing studio versus long distance?

I don't find there to be any difference with intuitive readings. It all depends on what the client is comfortable with. Some prefer video or phone sessions, for convenience. Others feel more comfortable speaking openly over the phone. Readings require a bit of back and forth between the client and myself. While I am giving information, any details that are fed back to me from the client serve to enrich the reading. I use two methods of seeing, a crystal ball and a medicine bowl (Shamanic in origin). Neither of these plays things out like a movie. They merely show symbols and sometimes I need more clarity on what those symbols mean. I may see three males that are important to someone's life. I can tell they go from eldest to youngest and there is a span in years between them. They are all related, but I don't know if it's three brothers or three generations that I'm being shown. It will come to me, I'm sure, but it makes it so we can move past this little detail if the client offers up who these three people are.

Whenever working with crystals for healing, intention is one of the most important parts of the process. Our intentions tell the crystals what we would like to get out of a session. We might ask a crystal to help with migraines, back pain, bring in love, or to help forgive. Each type of stone has a multitude of different healing benefits to offer. We don't want to ask it to do 20 things thereby splitting up the energy 20 different ways. I find it better to set one or two intentions per stone and then at the end add, "and whatever else the crystal deems best." Many crystals have been around for millions of years so I'm not going to assume that I know better than they.

In a crystal healing session crystals and stones are laid upon and around the body in what we call layouts. Layouts are like crystal grids that are laid upon and around the body in arrangements that generally follow Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is considered the language of the universe and each shape has a different meaning. After the stones are laid I infuse them with energy. Often as I hold my hands above each crystal I'll hear them giving a message for me to pass on to the client. It's often something about their healing or how they can better care for themselves at home. Sometimes they bring up things that they've been seeing the client doing lately as if to tell them that they (the crystal) are proud of that person. I also run energy through the body at this time. There is a connection I have where I am allowing universal energies to run through me and no two sessions are exactly alike.

With distance healing I make up a crystal grid for a person, group of people, or situation. I use grid clothes as backgrounds which have a Sacred Geometric shape printed on them. The stones for the healing are laid around a center stone. The intentions for the grid are written out and placed under the center stone. That stone acts as a generator, it sends the intentions out into the universe and the healing energies out to those intended. Crystal Grids are coupled with meditation. I meditate with the grid each day and ask my client to do the same with a photo of the grid to continually send it our intentions. Crystal grids are a great option for a person who cannot come in for a session, groups of people, or situations that need healing. I've even set them up for my clients' work places to help with projects and such. On one project we used stones to help everyone cooperate, keep their creative juices flowing, and stay motivated. It really helped move things along.

What kind of clarity have you provided using Intuitive Readings and crystals?

I've been able to give mothers relief when it comes to their kids. Letting mom know that their child is okay or past a difficult time is very reassuring. Some people are looking for guidance around career. They're thinking of going into a new field which always feels risky, financially speaking, so they want to get more information before moving forward. Others are venturing into a new relationship or they're making a move and want to get more details.

How important is the understanding of your clients' specific questions?

Do you mean how important is it that my clients come in with their questions? They do not necessarily require a reading. They can certainly get by in life without one. A reading just gives more details to move forward with.

As a crystal healer, how do you explain how crystal energy helps in releasing patterns from past and present?

Crystals are composed of minerals from the earth just like we are. Their structures are very similar to a chromosome. A crystal has a perfect regularly repeating atomic structure whereas our own structure is flawed. Some of these flaws are inherited through our DNA while others occur within our lifetime. Each crystal has its own healing gifts to share depending upon the mineral makeup and growing conditions. Because we are built so similarly when we are near a crystal our bodies mimic their orderly perfection and take on their healing properties through the process of entrainment. In this way we are able to begin healing the conditions that have been handed down from past generation thereby preventing them from moving forward. We are also able to heal wounds in the present as well as those from 10 years ago.

Do you consider your intuitive reading being ranked on the 'highly sensitive' spectrum?

I am very confident in my tools and guides as well as my relationship with them. They feed me images, symbols, emotions, and words which I fit together to form a reading. The Native Americans referred to crystals and stones as "stone people" and regarded them as our "oldest ancestors". Ancient legend tells us that Quart Crystals were thought to store our planetary history. The millions of years of the earth's formation is said to have been recorded vibrationally within during each crystal's growth process. My crystal Ball and medicine bowl are how I see. My guides feed me emotions to go with the images. They whisper messages in my ear. My loose crystals work as additional guides. It's really exciting when I have clients whom I get a good rapport going with. I'll tell them what I see or hear and they chime in with something like, "my grandfather always said that". This tells me that their grandfather has come into the reading and has something to share. The feedback I've received from clients following their sessions has been very positive.

I mentioned intention as being one of the most important components in healing work. It's also necessary when it comes to a reading. We begin with a client agreeing to being read. The crystals won't show me anything that the client wants to remain hidden. The tools I use make no judgments about anyone or anything. Sometimes people won't open themselves for a reading because they are worried that I'm going judge them on their digressions. There are also times that they don't want to hear about an area of their life that they have requested a reading on. In these instances readings are not as strong so it would be best if we discuss what is blocking them.

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