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Interview with architect and interior design specialist Ar. Sunil Dhingra

For Sunil, architecture is everything. From the structures that surround us to the designs and novelties that simplify and beautify our day-to-day existence, he looks for inspiration in the most minute details. As an architect and interior design specialist, he is able to blend creativity and practicality to innovate unique, well-designed environments for living, working, and everything in between. Holding nearly two decades of experience, Sunil has watched the industry grow and evolve. He is dedicated to creating visually-astonishing, environmentally-responsible results. We have conducted an interview with Ar. Sunil Dhingra from New Delhi based architecture and interior design firm SD Inc..

Why is architecture everything to you?

Architecture is the essence of any religion. No joke. Talk about any religion. They have a specific architectural statement. Temples have pointed tips. Mosques have minarets and domes. Churches have pediments, pitched roofs and so on. If we look at any creation of GOD, that is again architecturally designed, balanced & organized.

Examples are many. Solar system, seasons, earth’s rotation on its axis and around the sun; everything is designed.

Smallest example is the leaf. We can see the hierarchy of design in a tree starting from the roots, stem, branches, leaves and leaflets etc. And there is a minute detailing even in the smallest leaflet also.

Look at the human body, architecturally designed and geometrically pivoted on the naval. The supply lines or service lines called as veins, nerves are hidden behind the skin and eyes have been protected by eyelashes like sunshades. The contours of the face are designed to save sensitive parts like eyes like we design punch windows.

Anything and everything around us is architecture. Design is everywhere. So as Architecture.

How does the most minute details inspire you?

Some great architect quoted once “God is in the Details”. Architecture or design is a process which starts from whole to part and part to whole. Let me explain. Examples are many. When the human body starts taking shape from a microscopic lump of cells to a zygote to an infant, its all about detailing. Similar way the design follows. From the spatial arrangement to the flow chart to the basic sketches, it grows to the final detailed design which is perfect from every inch and corner and can be delivered. Un detailed designs if executed are always an eye sore. “A doctor’s mistake is either buried or burnt, but an architect’s mistake is always there to make him realize that he was wrong.”

What is your secret to the blend of creativity and practicality in architecture?

A balance or equilibrium between creativity and practicality is most important for architecture. This is something which comes with time and experience and cannot be mastered before living it. We virtually live in the spaces we design. We live in and feel the spaces, proportions, need of the end user while designing the space. Creativity is limitless. But only creativity and less functionality may kill the taste. Perfect blend of these 2 components gives birth to a perfect design. This is like adding the right ingredients and spices in a designed ratio for a dish to make it perfect.

Which standards do you dedicate your work to?

We believe in precision and time. This starts from the very basic sketches to the detailed dimensions precisely measured of the subject site for us to understand the project and the needs of the user.

We at SD Inc, coordinate every inch of area with all related aspects like HVAC, electrical and plumbing, shop drawings etc. so that there is clarity of each aspect with respect to the design.

Using advanced software, any change done in master drawing is automatically updated in the related drawings and hence there is no room for error. Our team at SD Inc is equipped with all required software to monitor the site activity and hence we can clearly confirm the time to be completed for the project with a precision of 99%.

With time, we have mastered the art of cost optimization techniques in construction without compromising with the design. Our design is always sieve tested through such measures which ultimately saves a lot of time, efforts and money of the end users. The specifications of the design are guided by the geographical location and we believe in sourcing local materials which can relate to the area. SD Inc is dedicated to maintain the ecological balance and reduce the carbon foot print substantially. Our designs are designed and executed conforming to these measures.

What are the advantages of being an architecture and interior design firm based in New Delhi?

Delhi has many colors. It has been through all the shades of Mughal Rule to British to the free India. It has all the ingredients of a city which can be planned in an extraordinary way to be the Model City of the world. This city has got the potential to develop, sustain and grow in an organized manner with all the shades of times it has been through. Being the red carpeted city and the center of Indian Politics, this city is growing at a pace which needs the planning and design to be futuristic considering the pace of the growth.

We at SD Inc, have lived the city and understand the needs and are committed to deliver the best of our efforts and knowledge to make our city as it should be. We are trying to contribute to the beauty of the city by our futuristic sustainable design approach which is not only limited to Delhi but its all satellite areas also so that in totality the growth is organized and planned.

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