Interview with artist Nicole Kristiana

Nicole Kristiana is an artist in Wilmington, DE. She creates whimsical bohemian art prints of animals. They are vibrant and colorful pieces, hand-done in gouache. Patterning of each animal is inspired by nature and their environment. Nicole has been working on these pieces for about 10 years. We have conducted an interview with her.

Why did you choose to create whimsical bohemian art prints of animals?

The idea came from my love of pattern. I have always been drawn to nature and noticing the rhythms and patterns within it. Once I found a way to describe them in my visual language, I needed a way to show them within a natural context. The animals, another love of mine, seemed the best way to show nature within its own form. It also gave me an endless supply of subject matter.

What do you think makes your pieces so engaging?

Color, honesty and craftsmanship. Overall, color is what is most compelling. The colors in my pieces are both emotive and rhythmic. They give the pieces energy. The patterns I create are completely original. They are thought out, particular to each animal, and they are executed with a fine hand. I use some learned techniques but also keep my work fresh and light by not being afraid to let the art flow. Sometimes it's not tight or clean, but then the piece would lose something, so I leave it raw on purpose to keep the feeling.

Which are your most sellable and 'bestselling' pieces?

Mostly, it's just the animals people like. Giraffe's, horses, elephants and sloths. However, I have prints of less known animals too, like the Kakapo and Musk Ox, and when someone has a love for one of these animals, and they find one of my prints. They are often surprised and delighted!

Who enjoys and appreciates your work the most?

That's a tough question. There's a wide-range. There are the people who know art and see the artistry in the works, and there are the people who just really like it and don't know why. And, I'm happy to appeal to both.

But, maybe, the highest compliment, to me, are the children who choose my work and are delighted by it. They have a very honest appreciation, and it makes me feel as if I've done something very right when I get a new young fan.

How different are your limited edition prints versus the 'open-edition' prints?

The limited edition prints are transitioning. Originally, the limiteds were the first hand-painted images I created. Someone told me limited prints were the right way to sell art. I actually never thought I'd sell out editions of 50. Now, many of the limited editions are sold out or close-to and the upcoming limiteds will be more scenic, and will include gold and other fine print elements.

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