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Interview with author Diana Sims

Our guest today is Diana Sims. She resides in Southern California, and she is a first-time self-publishing Author. We have conducted an interview with her.

What other emotions did you feel after writing your experience and being so transparent with your life?

After completing my book. It was like a cleansing came over me, with my emotions. At first I was timid about being so transparent and sharing such intimate details of my life. My son King. Putting his picture on the cover of my book was such a release and to finally be able to show my beautiful baby to the world.

What do you wish to convey and what is your key message via your new book "Forever King: Surviving the loss of my unborn child"?

I felt compelled to share my journey regarding the loss of my son King, and the miracle that took place after his passing. I simply want to let other women, who have lost children, know that what took place was not their fault and to have hope in knowing their baby’s spirits are alive and well. There is still light at the end of the tunnel.

Who did you write this book for?

Aimed primarily at all mothers, ranging from teenagers to the older women, “Forever King- Surviving The Loss of My Unborn Child” particularly addresses those who have lost a child, no matter the circumstance: Early pregnancy loss, miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss.

How intense is the support you have got from your support system? Who do you want to Thank the most?

I am so grateful for my immediately family, my parents, friends, my church family and my work family (coworkers/management) who stood with me during the loss of my son King. Who brought meals, those who lent an ear to listen to me cry, who gave me lots of hugs which helped a lot. The person I would like to thank the most is my Mother Phyllis. Although she was also grieving for the loss of her grandson she was still strong and prayed for me to help me through this part of my journey.

How would you describe your own journey of healing?

I want them to know that every tear cried for their lost child or children wasn’t wasted, wasn’t in vain. I am reminded of this when I read Psalm 56:8 “Every tear was kept track of and collected in Heaven and as they were poured out of the bottle onto the book, all the pain, unspoken words, grief, fears, hurt were translated into words and were received as prayers.

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