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Interview with Marty Stallone

Today our guest is Marty Stallone from Pennsylvania. He is the executive vice president of land development for MDG (Metropolitan Development Group). We have conducted an interview with him about his innovative approach to the management of corporate functions.

What do you think is/are the most important element(s) that leads a company to sustained success?

There are a number of elements that might lead a company to sustained success, and the specific elements for doing so would really depend upon the industry in which the company operates as well as the company’s individual goals and objectives. In the case of MDG, for example, we have thrived largely due to our commitment to providing our diverse base of clients with exceptional and truly comprehensive service offerings. In my estimation, we have been able to live up to this commitment because of the strength and experience of our leadership team, particularly in developing and enacting a plan for achieving all of our clearly defined short- and long-term goals and objectives.

What was the innovative approach that you took at Metropolitan Development Group (MDG)?

As MDG’s executive vice president of development, it is my responsibility to manage all of our corporate functions, including the oversight of operations falling within my specific areas of expertise, such as finance, risk management, cash-flow analytics, and the like. It is in these areas that I have had the opportunity to develop an entirely novel approach that has proven to be quite effective in practice.

How vital are your previous experiences in the structuring of capital finance transactions?

Being able to draw on my previous experience in structuring capital finance transactions has indeed been instrumental in my role with MDG, particularly in circumstances in which we must address some of the more common issues endured by government, corporate, and non-profit entities and organizations.

What are your views about Sustainable Urbanism today?

It is my belief -- and also the belief of many of my colleagues and industry peers -- that Sustainable Urbanism, along with the guiding principles associated with sustainable development in general, represents a future pathway forward for the land development industry. Given some of the environmental and climate-change issues facing the world today, it should be more than evident that new land development projects must properly account for climate resiliency needs and ought to prioritize ecological principles to whatever degree possible.

How do you see climate change and limits on land as the next challenges for land development companies?

Any challenge -- especially endlessly complicated ones such as climate change and the limited availability of land -- are best viewed as an opportunity to adapt to changing circumstances by creating new and highly innovative solutions. Development companies, including MDG, are already introducing the innovative solutions we will need to address these fundamental challenges in a sustainable fashion that is in keeping with the most critical ecological principles.

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