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Interview with singer and songwriter Maddy Rose

Magdalena is an Austrian Soul and Pop singer as well Songwriter based in London. Her artist name is Maddy Rose. She writes as many songs as possible, performing up to 3 times a week at well-known venues and has now her own band as well. With her Cellist, Jessica, and her percussionist, Steven, and herself on the piano they aim to give the audience a musical experience that touches the soul. We have conducted an interview with Maddy Rose about her upcoming Single and Music Video, called BEGIN AGAIN.

What is your Single and music video "BEGIN AGAIN" about?

My upcoming single Begin Again is about the unconditional drive, self-motivation, and passion that musicians and artists and any kind of talented person need to gather to face the everyday life when facing competition. Optimism and self-believe are crucial to survive in the competitive city London, or anywhere really. This song tells my own story, how support of others is that what kept me believing and showed me that setbacks and failure are just to motivate and the only way up. Every mistake or failure is just a step ahead because it makes you learn and appreciate success even more.

What inspires you to produce it?

Everyone who supports me inspired me, my boyfriend, mum and family. Without the support of my boyfriend and family, I wouldn’t be here where I am now.

Who is it for?

The song is for all musicians, artists and aspiring people aiming to be successful with their passion. All it takes is self-believe and the drive to keep going.

Why is it important for this target audience group?

I think everyone can relate to the lyrics because deep inside everyone follows a dream even if some would not admit it. I am just singing about my current situation really, being a musician in London. There are so many opportunities but the competition is tough too. But if you never quit and keep trying eventually you’ll get there.

What do you like to blog about?

I enjoy writing about my experience as artist and songwriter in London. Being from Austria and starting in London as Au Pair aged 18, to eventually now living the dream of having a flat, job and study place in the most amazing city. It’s about my experiences and thoughts on life.

Who is currently in your band?

In my band, there are three main instruments, piano, cello, and drums. Jessica my cellist is an art student and my drummer Steven is working in a PR company.

How do you describe your music?

My music is mostly mellow and soulful, with the aim to evoke emotions in the listeners. The lyrics are mostly about my own experiences or stories others, reflecting on life, love or the aim to succeed.

Which genre does it belong and what kind of sound do you reminisce?

My music can be described as vintage Soul Music, like Carol King or Amy Winehouse with influences of Etta James and Billie Joel.

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