Interview with social media trainer Leanne Peard

Leanne Peard, lives in Cairns Queensland Australia, she is a social media trainer, who has developed one of the first accredited courses in social media for Australia, also available is the unaccredited social media managers course online. We have conducted an interview with her.

How important do you think it is to possess social media management skills?

With businesses owners needing to have an online presence, this skill set is important for the individual to increase their employability options, they may be employed as an administration assistant, however with these skills the employer can then utilise them as a social media manager. This qualification, however, new is highly sought after and is paid considerably well. There is always the option to become freelancers and work for multiple small business owners. We have youth leaving schools every year, who with this skill will gainfully be employed.

Why is social media marketing important for any business nowadays?

Everyone is on social media of some kind, it is important to have a presence online where our potential clients are = social media. Business needs to develop a strategy around their social media marketing and then with the correct strategy, they will see the leads and sales come to them.

What are your credentials and experience level as a social media trainer?

I have been working with social media since 2005, in my own business back then I was able to generate $500,000 in sales over a 10 mth period, I have been using social media in all my businesses with great results. I am a qualified trainer, business coach and social media specialist.

How did you get involve in the development of the first accredited courses in social media for Australia? 

I saw the need in 2009 to have this skill set in the workplace, all my clients (business owners) were seeking the skills, however never carried out what was needed, due to the time that is needed to social media work. I started to look at the current business qualifications at a Certificate III and IV level (which most people are able to study) and developed the course material. It has taken some time for the Registered Training Organisations to see forward and adapt, however, we are here now with successful students doing extremely well.

Which are some examples of your clients/industries that you have seen benefitting most from their social media activities?

I have been working close with the Fitness industry for the past 4 years, one of my clients wanted to move away from face to face training and work with an online product. He had the product, we needed to get him clients. During the first 6 months of our coaching, he was generating over $21,153 in Sales from Facebook only, for a $39.99 product.

Which 5 actionable personal branding tips/advice would you give to an entrepreneur?

1. First I would suggest to get your domain name and all social media accounts (whether you use them or not) in your Personal Name.
2. Search google keywords for the keywords that are searched in your market place
3. Google plus business and personal profile.
4. Youtube account (and make 5minute videos on your keywords)
5. LinkedIN account, making sure you fill out all your bio and details.

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