Interview with visual artist and designer Rasaliina Seppälä

Tonight our guest is Rasaliina Seppälä aka Rasaliina Art from Southern Finland. She is a visual artist and designer who usually paints with pigments and oil paints. We have conducted an interview with her.

Which of the yoga pants design amongst the women's sports gear is the bestselling in your webshop?

At the moment the best selling design is definitely a "black sky". I have designed it on the basis of the pigment paintings. The second will be "the fox family" pants.

How do you create these dreamy and emotional designs on the apparels? What is so unique about your art?

I use for my paintings pigment powder. The paintings will be soft and mysterious. the painting can be seen in different characters. I will continue to work with oil paints.

Unique in my paintings is their message. Emotion, sadness, joy. Many times people will say that this is like their life. I do not want to paint just flowers or landscapes. Paintings must have something to say.

What do you think are the differences between dreamy art versus whimsical art design?

Dreamy and whimsical arts are different. Dreamy Art feels like somewhere deep in the soul. It can also be sad. Whimsical art gets a smile and maybe laugh. But the feeling remains superficial.

Which medium do you use to paint? Why do you choose these (medium) to help you express the effects you want?

When I paint pigment powders I use the medium as sugary soft drinks. Generally, Coca Cola or Pepsi. also beer can be used. Buttermilk can also be used ... it just smells bad warm.

Where do you sell your original paintings? In which form are they the most seek after?

Original paintings I will sell here in Finland. Often, already directly from the show. But I also have my own websites. And the art pages where I can do business with customers.

Most are bought postcards, prints, and a variety of children's dresses

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