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SiteWhere LLC is the company that develops SiteWhere, "The Open Platform for the Internet of Things™" . Based in Atlanta, GA, SiteWhere LLC has been driving innovation in the IoT space since 2010. Offered in both an open-source Community Edition and an industrial-strength Enterprise Edition, SiteWhere excels at IoT projects of all sizes - from simple "maker" tutorials to enterprise-scale commercial deployments. We have conducted an interview with Martin Weber the managing partner of SiteWhere.

What is SiteWhere?

SiteWhere is an open-source, application enablement platform for the Internet of Things. SiteWhere's framework enables development resources to describe and interact with a web of connected devices with minimal development overhead.

What differentiates SiteWhere from its competitors?

SiteWhere Community Edition is a full-featured, open-source IoT platform. SiteWhere has been created from the ground up with a modern architecture, along with best of breed technologies. Many of the competing platforms are based on legacy architectures and systems that have been rebranded as IoT platforms. Furthermore, the SiteWhere Community Edition offers many of the same features as large commercial platforms at a substantially lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

How do you solve IoT challenges for enterprise-scale commercial users?

The commercial SiteWhere Enterprise Edition offers a modern, containerized approach that allows for elastic scaling of processing resources across multiple tenant tiers. SiteWhere integrates with multiple Big Data solutions such as MongoDB, Apache HBase and InfluxDB to handle massive event data sets.

How does SiteWhere reduce time to market for its customers?

SiteWhere provides a comprehensive object model, integration with big data storage solutions, REST services for storing and querying IoT data, data pipelines and plugins for transforming and filtering event data, built-in support for complex event processing (CEP), and integrations with many established platforms for search, analytics, and post-processing activities.

Who are the key users of your platform?

SiteWhere is currently used in various IoT initiatives in the Smart Cities, Transportation, Healthcare, Energy, and Agriculture sectors.

How does 'SiteWhere' focus on solving business problems, not reinventing the wheel?

SiteWhere's out-of-the-box framework provides connectors and integrations with the leading IoT technologies in the market today. SiteWhere supports popular endpoints such as Raspberry Pi, iOS, Android, Arduino and any device capable of running Java. Downstream integrations include Azure, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, Mulesoft, SAP, just to name a few. This extensive framework empowers customers to rapidly create IoT solutions without the overhead of coding middleware and integrations. By leveraging SiteWhere's comprehensive application enablement framework, our customers have successfully launched their products in a fraction of the projected time.

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