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Space Pirates the Musical

Tonight our guest is Patrick McNary from Las Vegas, NV. He operates Orcs Unlimited a small press game company and we have conducted an interview with him about their new game Space Pirates the Musical

How unique is the new game 'Space Pirates the Musical'?

To the best of my knowledge, this will be the first table top RPG with a Musical Mechanic built into the game.

Why did you name it the 'the musical'?

Space Pirates has a playlist that affects what is happening in the game. Also, players can sing to gain extra bonuses.

Who is this game for?

This is a game for people who want a light easy to play game to enjoy an evening with friends and family.

Which genre does it belong and who would you recommend the game to?

This is a Pulp Science fiction game in the tradition of Buck Rogers or the Stainless Steel rat. If you like sci-fi or to sing karaoke this is the game for you.

What has been the most challenging when you start this game company, 'Orcs Unlimited'?

I am dyslexic so my gamer is far from being the best. It took a long time to build up the courage to write my games down and show people that weren’t my friends.

Who or what inspires you to start it?

I have been making my own games since I was a kid and my friends always enjoyed them. I always wanted to make games for others but only after the advent of online distribution and some help from some friends was I able to get these games together.

What is your vision for the future of the games your company creates?

We want to make games that nobody else will. Strange outlandish games that help promote indie artists and authors. Anybody can make games about heroes on a great epic quest I’ll make the other games.

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