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TakeAwayStudio - Mixing and Mastering

TakeAwayStudio project brings a new meaning to the phrase 'virtual studio' - an international collective of musicians and audio professionals ready to take your project to the highest level! Comprising a core team of Slavic Selin and Simon Allen (London, UK) is an online studio hub, offering mastering, mixing, music production and other audio services to clients around the globe. We have conducted an interview with them.

What are the unique features of your online studio hub 'TakeAwayStudio'?

TakeAwayStudio is not just an online mixing and mastering service provider, we are a team of professionals, working together on projects. It is not a facility-based service, each of the members of our team has his own studio.

Which are the benefits of producing music in using an online studio hub?

First of all, you are not limited to a single studio or engineer. There is no universal facility to make music production, mixing, mastering or other related services at the same quality level in multiple genre. Let's say, rock production and jazz music mastering have different concept. We will assign the most appropriate professional to each task to get the best result. Second advantage is time saving. A lot of musicians are creating at home nowadays and instead of going to a studio, they just send their material to us. It is easy like ordering pizza!

What kind of quality can be expected?

TakeAwayStudio project is aimed to provide the best possible result. We are not a conveyor belt production company. Individual approach and maximum attention combined with professionalism of our engineers and producers guarantees the best result.

How does your process always starts with? Why is this important?

We always try to establish a personal contact with our clients. Before getting started we are trying to understand our customer's needs and vision of his music production. The initial creative concept of mixing or music production is very important for us and we want our client to feel a human behind the screen when sending his music to us.

What kind of quality assurance do you provide?

Technically speaking, we provide top grade services, but if, for some reason, our customer is not happy, we are open for comments and amendments. If our client is not satisfied, we have a money-back guarantee.

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