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The Magna Aura Genesis

Today our guest is Raymond Burke from London, UK. His new sci-fi book The Magna Aura Genesis has just been self-published. The Magna Aura Genesis is the first of a 10-book series called The Starguards - Of Humans, Heroes, and Demigods. We have conducted an interview with Raymond.

Why did you write your book as "Greco-Roman mythology meets Battlestar Galactica meets Justice League America"?

There are elements of each throughout the Starguards series. The first book is The Magna Aura Genesis. There is a creation myth weaved through the first book and the appendices echoing Greek and Roman pantheons. There are also character names based upon the same traditions. Besides Star Trek: TOS and Doctor Who, the next series I loved as a kid was Battlestar Galactica. The space journey, space ship battles, the uniforms were early inspirations. And as I was a comic book reader, how could I ignore the superhero element. The JLA are almost demigods just as the Celestian Knights are. I think it's a unique story to have all three elements together.

How do you craft your characters?

Like epic myths, there are families and pantheons of heroes. I've tried to embue each character with their own sense of identity. They have different powers and abilities most of which are used for the benefit of the universe. There are 'lesser' characters who are our eyes and ears into their world. Some characters are set from the beginning, while others pop up unexpectedly and end up staying. And others who die but leave an indelible mark over the series.

What kind of reviews have you received that encourages you the most?

The Magna Aura Genesis is just out and has received one review so far. But it appreciates the story, history, characters and worldbuilding aspects. Over the years of writing, first The Starguards, and then The Magna Aura Genesis, I've worked hard to build a realistic alien world with believable characters.

Which particular aspect(s) of being a self-confessed 21st-century caveman do you enjoy the most?

Haha, I don't really miss having a fridge. I realised having one means you stuff it with things you don't really need. So, I can eat fresher food and save energy. I also don't have to waste time and money with a car, taking unnecessary journeys for the sake of it or taking care of it like a pet washing and feeding it with gas.

Which are the key parts of your 10-book series that are the most exciting? Why should readers read it?

There are some great twists and epic adventures coming up for the Starguards as they cross paths with time travellers and more gods, arrive on Earth, visit other dimensions, and protect the universe as they attempt to make up for their parents.

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