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YOGANISM11 - A new anarchist marketing phenomnen in the arabic region

Our interview today is with a phenomenon in the world of freelancing and entrepreneurship, it's yoganism11. We will be talking today with Youssef Nour the founder of YOGANISM11.

It's a pleasure to have you today, the question we have in mind before we get to know you more, why the name YOGA?

The pleasure is all mine, thank you. We have chosen this name due to the fact that yoga is the only sport or practice that brings body, soul, and mind together.

Perfect, and what is your business exactly in details?

Well, actually we are not a company we were and still be freelancers. The main role that actually represents just 40% of our business and efforts is that we provided web solutions to the entrepreneurs like:  web design, search engines precedence and all kinds of add on the internet. We are located in the Arabic region and our clients are all around the world like: UAE, US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, EGYPT AND SAUDI ARABIA.

Well, and where does the remaining 60% of your efforts go to?

As we always say we support building a private business, we have more than one projects in the following fields: real estate, entertainment, education, and fashion. We also sponsor startups and small business owners by financing their advertising campaigns and managing their internet presence because we believe that if freelancers and entrepreneurs haven't passed the start phase they will turn into " 9 to 5ers" which is a tragic end to any creative talent.

What are the conditions that your sponsorship support is based on?

What matters is the project's capability to be developed. By using the internet and our marketing methods, it starts with 1000$ to the existing businesses/projects, not just ideas.

How do you recruit new members to your team?

We don't have educational standards and so anyone who is enthusiastic about our work is welcomed, could be one of our fan page members or one of the ladies or gentlemen who attended our sessions/ seminars or maybe a freelancer we have frequently worked with. We believe in the uniqueness and the differences between us that every one of us got an independent way of thinking which helps in composing the new brands we work on.

It was an honor to talk to you today, and we hope to see you soon anywhere in the world.

It has been a pleasure talking to you, best of luck to you and your extraordinary website. we would like to offer Seth Godwins's course " The freelancer" to whomever it may concern it's for 50$ but you can download it for free from this link our web site

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