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Interview with author Crystal Mary Lindsey

Crystal Mary Lindsey writes Inspiration Romance centred within the vast mysterious Australian Outback. Her medical knowledge comes from past professional experience and spiritual perception from Godly contact. Crystal enjoys gaining wisdom from reading and in turn, encourages readers on how to find Christ, with her writing. We have conducted an interview with her.

How do you encourage readers on how to find Christ?

By inspiring and encouraging faith in Jesus.

What is your background and how would you describe your first Godly contact?

My background is in the Salvation Army as a soldier. My first Godly contact was hearing God call my name out loud when I was ten years old. I was at home alone.

Where do you receive the most inspirations?

What genre of books do you write? I believe God gives me my inspirations. Unlike many writers who map out a plan for their book, I just begin writing and the story comes.

What is/are the most interesting aspect(s) about the mysterious Australian Outback that other locations cannot provide?

The Australian Outback is so vast and the colours are ethereal. You have to experience it to understand the spiritual feelings you get when roaming there. The wild animals are unique and not seen anywhere else in the world. In some of the very hot area's people live underground. There are many different varieties of Parrots more so than in any other country. It's like seeing the world how it was in the beginning of time.

Where have you been awarded "Editors Choice - Award Winning Author"?What are the book/s that you would recommend to The CrazyMinders community? 

I was awarded that with my first book through the publisher IUniverse, with my book "Shadows of Times" which I have now renamed "Cherished Encounter." Since then I have only used Amazon KDP, and they don't give out awards. I would recommend all of my books as the inspire and encourage the reader to values themselves and others.

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