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Interview with rapper and songwriter Illusion

Ill~usion was born and raised in Fresno, California. Though music he tells about events in his life & expresses his views. His main concept is to just have fun while he deals with the everyday stress and pressure he's been impacted by his whole life. We have conducted an interview with him.

How do you tell your life events and experiences through music?

Well one question  I am always asked is how do you come up with a song and I tell them it's my reality whatever I see, hear and been thru things I relate to that's all I know I can talk about what is real to when making music I am talking about what I know.

Why is 'being listened to' important for you?

Because I love to share my experiences my changes my struggles and honestly I hope they help someone out with there's and as I find my way I help clear a path for them no matter what their facing and it's therapy for me.

Which rappers inspired you the most?

New stuff been listening to Yelawolf.. Childish Gambino..the game. Old school stuff  2pac snoop eazy e dpg dj quick e 40 luniz rbl brotha lynch tech 9.

What made you choose this name 'Ill~usion'?

Was trying to find a name that fit me for my vision my life and my story and struggle these are the illusions of me my reflection my city my state of mind my positive and negatives. There is my vision of me people will learn thru my music.

Please share and tell us more about your latest album "Another Legacy" (What inspires you in this album, your favorite track & what it is about)?

This album is a first to I hope many more. I have been setting myself up to drop this for awhile years and in between u know things hold u back.whether it's dealing with life. It can be the quality of your producing due to equipment. Not having the income to support your vision and I now have set myself up for it and I want to make a piece that u hear and u know, this is a start to another legacy in this rap game. That's why I call it that I had plenty songs I could slap an throw out there that's not what I am doing I am making a road to create a legacy.

Fresno is my favorite track of the album its a piece and an illusion ill never be finished with you'll always hear about it in my music I love my city the good and the bad and I tell u a little bout how living here is not the best but when you'r born and raised here. You know nothing different My inspiration. Is the love of being able to make music and be good at it. And being able to tell my story the only way I know how by putting words together on a beat

How do you 'get personal and destroy people's images'?

This comes from my battle aspects before I learned to record audio I would battle and basically I can pick a part all your flaws whether it be something your lying about hiding or should be embarrassed of ill disrespect. 

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