Living Life Like a G

Today our guest is Lil Art from the South Side of Saint Louis, Missouri. Currently, he is working on a project called "Living Life Like a G" which is set to be released April 28th, 2017. We have conducted an interview with Lil Art.

Where are you originally from?

I'm originally from the south side of Saint Louis.

What inspired you to music at the beginning? What is your story?

My inspiration for music came from watching Boosie DVD'S and seeing how someone that came from nothing made it out. Watching Jay Z reasonable doubt and seeing how he painted the picture for his listeners. I could still remember how it made me feel. I got my name from granddaddy. Moma worked 3 jobs so we can have what we needed. I learned the street life & how to adapt from a Haitian. I lost the majority of my friends to gun violence and cousins to the system. My brother was murdered in August of 2015. I beat 2 gun cases shout out my lawyer Justin Meehan. Recently I had 3 daughters back to back in the matter of weeks. Gotta go hard, they need me. Came a long way from my addiction to sedatives. I feel like if you put your faith in God everything else will fall in place if you work for it.

Who are your influencers? How do they influence you in your music?

I'm influenced by Boosie, Kevin Gates, Jay Z & Starlito. They influenced me in my music by painting a picture. Helping me to express my feelings, and how to tell my story with true facts without incriminating myself or my ppl that's still out here.

What is the project "Living Life Like a G" about? How did you get this idea?

My project Living Life Like A G is about where I came from, my emotion about different events that happened to me now & in the past. And where I'm going with this shit and where I'm trying to take it. Basically my transition from the streets to trapping on an individual beat. The idea for this project came from my potna Wallo who passed away. He used to always tell me "Lil Art we some young G's, nobody do shit like we do. It's time for you to paint the picture to the world and tell our story."

What are your plans for the future?

I plan on doing a collaboration with major artist. Expanding my brand taking this music as far as It can go. Hopefully cross promotion to get me in other doors such as acting and helping kids that have no inspiration, guidance, or the individuals who have a hard time dreaming big. I want to inspire someone that I was inspired. Overall have fun, tired of taking losses lol.

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