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MagicalPaintings sells various paintings or photographs of various artists at a very cheaper cost in Mumbai, India. They also allow artists to display their work at their site at free of cost lifetime. They do different CSR activities by allowing underprivileged women and children to showcase their talents through their site and sell their artworks and also conduct exhibitions, workshops and have our painting teaching institute. Currently, they have a five members team and looking to expand. Members are Saina, Satadipa, Samprita, Sucheta and Vipin. We have conducted an interview with them.

What makes your online painting and photography works of art outstanding?

We majorly focus on life and nature in our artworks. We believe on the aesthetic aspect of artwork. We have artworks of various mediums: water, oil, pastel, acrylic etc. and different types of photography. We have a diverse set of products with wide cost range, starting from INR 1,000 to INR 30,000. We have associated many painters with us, who are outstanding at their work. The USP of our artwork is its diversity, better quality at a cheaper price. Our aim is to make art affordable in India. We talk to our customers and sometimes create artworks as per their requirement and choice- which is another unique side of our venture.

Painter: Hafsa

How do you combine CSR activities to your artworks? How do you help underprivileged women and children?

We have started this venture with a vision to help needy artists. We sell artworks created by underprivileged women and children at a cheaper cost to our customers to generate income for them and empower them. We also conduct various competitions, where we keep prize money for them. We market all kinds of artworks, handicrafts etc. prepared by them and sometimes send to various exhibitions through our NGO partners.

Painter: Samprita

What kind of unique teaching techniques are available at your painting teaching institute?

We teach both painting and photography. Currently, we have two painting institutes, one in Kolkata and another in Mumbai, India. We teach fine art, commercial art, still life, portrait, monochrome etc. Also, we teach how to use different mediums to create a painting- like charcoal, water colour, oil colour, pastel colour, crayon, acrylic etc. We conduct various paid and free workshops across India and abroad to teach photography and painting techniques. We also provide customised teaching as per the need and ability of the student. We are also planning to conduct workshops in US soon.

The founder: Saina Poddar

In which ways do you price your paintings and photographs other than auctioning your products?

Honestly, it's up to the individual painter or photographer how much he or she wants to charge for his/her creation. However, we keep the forum open for discussions. We suggest them about the correct pricing. Typically the price range is from INR 1,000 to INR 30,000, depending upon the quality. We also welcome customers to bid for any artwork. We don't display the price of any artwork like any consumer staple, rather we ask the customers to contact via mail or call to discuss the price so that they can negotiate the price. We act as non-profit while selling products of underprivileged category; otherwise, we charge commission on the selling price. If it's an in-house product, then we charge less on the artwork as there is no commission involved.

Artist: Sima

What is your vision and expansion plan?

Our vision is to make artworks affordable for everyone and create a better marketplace for artworks in India as well as abroad.

We have expansion plans in the long run. We want to open more institutes and involve more painters/photographers with us.

How do you work that in line with your company motto?

We are already advertising and asking more artists to join our board, which will give them an opportunity to display their artworks on our site for a lifetime. Also, we have plans to do more free workshops to promote art in India. We will soon host an exhibition with our artworks in Kolkata, where we would display low priced good quality artworks.

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