Meet Nitin Khanna – Portland, Oregon Based Entrepreneur

As a man with many feathers to his cap, Nitin Khanna is known for his myriad business successes. Being the CEO of MergerTech, a global M&A Advisory firm for technology entrepreneurs, he is also renowned as a gracious leader. His business excellence and leadership story is one that caters to the inordinate good, with success an expected outcome of his determinations.

Some words with him:

It is remarkable to see the connection that MergerTech has with its customers. What according to you are the underlying factors for this?

MergerTech is guided by two key factors, customer insights and brand benefit. It is true that merger and acquisition as an industry were termed as ‘low involvement’ till a decade ago.

When we started the organization, we focused on building trust for the brand and availability. Today, the environment is different. Businesses while planning for mergers and acquisitions go through multiple thoughts and experiences in their decision-making processes, there is a much higher degree of involvement and triggers that drive the choices of the brand. Also, we are now well experienced to hand-hold customers through their M&A journey, from the targeting end to the closing of the deal, this extended effort of ours is much appreciated by the consumers. As one of the leading M&A brands, we have helped hundreds of clients attract a broad range of partners and buyers that helped increase their value through M&A.

Today's consumer is an evolved, discerning one, demanding more extensive results. How do you plan to meet the needs of this worldly-wise consumer?

As a lucrative market for premium brands as M&A is viewed now, MergerTech is an established player that has taken long on the communication route of projecting ourselves as an expression of art and a brand that enhances businesses.

What has been keeping the technical M&A busy in the recent months?

M&A in the technical sector has been a veritable hive of activity in the recent months, surrounded by hot issues such as the ongoing sectoral transformation being caused by the emergence of technologies like cloud, mobile, social and Big Data analytics, all brought to the fore by a plethora of deals that rank at the upper end of the noteworthy scale.

What are the key challenges you are looking to tackle in order to grow the company further?

From the industry point of view, the organized and the unorganized divergence is a testing area, however, with a passage of time, consumers are getting more connected and becoming aware of the shift towards better brands. This brings across new challenges of gaining mind and wallet share of the customers who are now spoilt for choice.

In short, the changing business profiles hold the biggest challenge today. We recognize it and will continue to invest in the innovation and the capabilities to deliver the best in class merger solutions to consumers as per their business needs.

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