RollOut- a card and dice game that will test your skill

LiCar Gaming Group is an Indie Game Design Company that designed the game RollOut. It started out as a passion project but quickly turned into a small business. The game RollOut is very versatile and can appeal to younger players for learning and education and if you add the betting feature it completely changes into a casino-style game for adults. We have conducted an interview with the founder Liam MacEachern.

How would you briefly describe this game?

RollOut is a card and dice game that will test your skill, luck and patience. The game requires you to 'roll the dice' and 'RollOut' your three card hand before your opponents.

Who does this game appeal to mostly? Why do you think it appeals to them?

Mostly adults between the ages of 20-50 that would have a game night or Poker night. RollOut is a perfect side game to any Poker night. RollOut has the feel of a Casino Table Game and has the same betting features as Poker.

It would also appeal to families who have a family game night because of the educational component(counting, adding, pairs and probability).

Why does the betting feature works? The betting feature is a per round betting. The player will have to review their hand and decide if the odds of them 'Rolling Out 'their hand are better than their opponents based on the probability low card vs high card hand and the number of di or dice you will roll. It becomes the choice of the player! Then you mix in the odds of rolling a double six which will be an automatic win or rolling the dreaded 'snake eyes' or double one where you are eliminated from the hand. The game also has 6 WILD cards in the deck, they can be only played on the players turn. RollOut becomes a strategic game of wits!

Do you consider 'RollOut' as a sort of 'gambling' game?

RollOut can be a gambling game depending on the audience. That's what makes it unique and fun. It can be a family game without betting and it can hours of entertainment on a boys night with the betting and the gambling feature.

When was your game 'RollOut' transformed? 

As you know it started out from a night of doing homework learning the 'new math'. The game transformed when we were looking for a way to keep track of points and add some competition. Games are fun, and if you can use games to promote learning, you have a way of connecting with the new generation of learners. It is sort of a 'Catch 22' type of game, you want kids to be learning and counting like in most other card games, but you don't want them gambling. The betting feature is for your Weekend Poker buddies who will bet on the Showcase Show down on The Price is Right. We added the betting feature and introduced it to Poker league nights and table card game players and we realized that 'You Pay to Play'. If you want to see how your odds can change 'you bet'. If your hand is less than desirable you fold. As Kenny Rodgers says " got to know when to hold em and know when to fold em.

What were the comments by your game testers after this transformation? 

Quote by game-tester "It has the feel of Poker with a lot of twists and turns, then a bit Uno...really neat!

What are your goals in Indiegogo? Where can people participate?

Our goal is to sell as many physical games as possible to share this game with everyone across the globe. If we reach our primary goal of $6000 we will create the mobile version of the game. If we reach our secondary goal we can have a fully functional multiplayer, real-time game, online with the back-end banking and player accounts. The prototype of RollOut 1.0 is in the works and we are enjoying the ride! If you wish to participate you can get the First Edition of the RollOut Game at

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