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Stonerpop - electropop duo from Louisiana

Stonerpop is an electropop duo based out of Louisiana, USA. Members of the duo are Maudie Michelle, a visual artist, writer (published poet), and musician and Jimmie Maneuva who is classically trained on the viola and is a talented and entertaining multi-instrumentalist. They are currently working on music for their second EP. We have conducted an interview with Maudie Michelle.

Who are in this duo?

Stonerpop is made up of me and Jimmie Maneuva.

What is the story behind your electropop duo's name 'Stonerpop'?

Before we decided on our name, we talked at length about what we wanted our sound and message to be. Both Jimmie and I listen to a wide variety of genres, with a fondness for stoner rock, trip-hop, and pop music. We aim to create groove driven beats overlain with melodic vocals and want our music to encourage people examine themselves and become better individuals. Stonerpop became a description of a genre we aim to define and a culture we want to build.

What will be in your second EP?

We’re very excited about our second EP! We continue our tradition of utilizing a variety of soundscapes and feelings throughout the six songs. It’s an examination of human nature and the tendency to get caught up in longing for the past.

What have you learned from your debut album that you would like to incorporate in the second EP? Beginning this music project and releasing the first Stonerpop EP was a challenge for me because it’s the first time I’ve openly shared songs I’ve written. The feeling was so much more terrifying than playing someone else’s melodies with someone else’s words. However, I noticed it was also exhilarating and emotionally freeing. I’ve learned to embrace the vulnerability and incorporate it into my songwriting. My intention is to continue digging deeper and deeper as I write.

How challenging is the creation of music videos for new songs?

Being an independent band, most projects we pursue are completely DIY. We often reach out of our comfort-zones artistically to create and finish work in many facets - which often means we’re on a learning curve, so a project may take extra time because of the needed research, funds, or trial and error as we progress. The trick is usually figuring out how to best utilize the skills and supplies we have on-hand. The same applies to our future music video - though we’ve set our bar high and aim to dazzle.

What kind of special talents do you both have?

I am also a proud visual artist and published poet. I create all of Stonerpop’s artwork and more. I love to work in a number of mediums. I draw, paint, and illustrate; some of my work can be viewed at my artist website: Jimmie is an extremely talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Lately, he’s been most inspired playing the bass. He is classically trained on the viola and I am often in awe of his how easily it seems he can pull beautiful sounds out of anything with strings. This is without mentioning he’s also proficient at playing drums, can work a keyboard, and engineers and mixes music. Both of us have also worked up skills in concert photography; Jimmie has an affinity for shooting video - which is very convenient for our current plans.

What else excites and inspires 'Stonerpop'?

We absolutely love documentaries about nature, most specifically outer space. The absolute gargantuan size of the universe is both exciting and humbling. Knowing our galaxy, solar system, Earth, countries - everything is so small in the grand scheme - helps us to keep our lives and thoughts in perspective. It’s easy to create and share feelings when we know we’re not the center of the universe.

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