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Appyuman Solutions

Today our guest is Yuan. He is based in Sydney and recently launched a new business online providing business solutions to Entrepreneurs and Business owners in Australia called Appyuman Solutions. Yuan has been an Entrepreneur since he was 16 and now aged 40 he has had many businesses. From Ecommerce, IP Surveillance Company, Telecommunications Company, and a Lifestyle Bar Restaurant. 

Over the years in business, he has had the need to use all types of resources to support the business. This range from web design, graphic design, SEO, app development etc. After trying to source locally he discovered the cost was not viable for Entrepreneurs with a tight budget. There is a need to bring outsourced resources globally to make services affordable to Australia, and services that can be trusted. We have conducted an interview with Yuan.

How well could your company help aspiring entrepreneurs cut their risk of inexperienced resource working on their projects, communication issues, cost and time?

Well…It’s all about time and money or money and time. Over the last 20 years of being in business, I have discovered that it takes money first to eventuate any ideas or business into reality. Opportunities exist only if it is viable and every entrepreneur will tell you that money takes a few months or years in a paying job to build the arsenal to begin your business. While experience will determine the length of time you will be in business.

Statistically, in Australia, we can safely say it is over 90% of start-ups that fail within 2 years. Though this is a wide sphere of industries, in an app industry that has a forecasted growth to USD200 Billion in 2020, it is still not a safety net for everyone who plans to bring their ideas to market.

The greatest asset I have accumulated over the years is, at my cost, success, and experience; the ability to handpick my tried and tested team of specialist. Those who are successful in their own right, in their own business, and can empathise with all entrepreneurs. They are the ones that have the passion for driving your ideas as their own.

Having experience as an end user, searching through viable means locally and outsourcing to resources in India and other continents over the years; with much failures and success; my assurance is that our clients will have Appyuman Solutions and myself ensuring they will have the best resources globally at hand and at the best possible price.

What inspires you to start this company with this mission?

It was simple…I had a client who wanted to build a simple app, I approached the top 3 app development companies in Australia and was quoted between AUD$100,000-$135,000. In the end, I was able to deliver this app for AUD$35,000. So, what are dreams or opportunities when there is no viability to begin? That is the reason I was inspired to bring the resources to Australia.

Which do you think was the most important lesson you have learned as an App Developer in Australia?

I outsourced, and I failed! I discovered there is a multitude of companies out there that claim they can do what you want at whatever price. What you don’t know is, they are able to place the price on any skill level. They too have a cost and profit! Anyone can deliver a project at a few grand, my question is…. Is it beneficial to you? Will your project fall into the hands of a junior? And will the investment deliver the result? Not having a dedicated account manager and communication was also a major hidden cost in time.

The biggest lesson learned here is… I had to cut my losses on one app, which was the only viable option at the time. Until I discovered Systango, a development company headquartered in UK with DevOps team in India and US. Their methodology, approach, and delivery were fantastic. I realised then, I had to introduce their service to my fellow Australians, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners.

What made you move into the local market of Australia?

The high cost of local sourcing, the fear of outsourcing overseas. Simply the lack of resources people can move forward affordably with their app ideas or business improvement within Australia. At Appyuman, we want our customers to be comfortable with the talent we place on their project. In addition to representing Systango in this region, we are the friendly face Australians can approach.

Which is your bestselling affordable service for small and medium enterprises? What is the price range and what exactly is included? How can your prospective clients reach you to engage you for this service?

We have a range of services that helped us and our clients to have an impact in their target market. While our primary focus is on app development, we also offer graphic design for logo’s, stationery, 3D print, mascot and character designs. In terms of marketing, we also provide copywriting, SEO and even celebrity voice overs.

Our team is so passionate about their work and delivery we offer a money back satisfaction guarantee with unlimited revision on retail items within our store such as content writing, graphic design and so forth. Price starts at $50.

For app development, we are happy to provide a free consultation to gauge the size and complexities of the project. Customers can contact us at our website for a confidential chat about their project.

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