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GIG Music Group

Luis Nieves (born January 6, 1981) is a Producer, Record Producer and Entrepreneur from the Tampa Bay Area. Luis was born in the Bronx, NY and later moved with family to Tampa, FL. He is driven to share good music with the world that conveys a positive image and allows people of all types to relate to. In 2007, he founded The RHYTHM Inc and In 2010, he established GIG Music Group. We have conducted an interview with him.

How long have you been a Record Producer?

Music has always been a passion since a kid. I have been making beats since my teen years. I started taking music seriously since 2007.

How did you land in this position?

In the early 2000s, I was working on a TV Show that aired on upn44 and had the opportunity to meet a lot of industry artists and producers that are big now. I asked a lot of questions, I was a sponge. After the TV show days, I was always around a lot of people making music but I noticed everyone in the same position. So, In 2010 I decided to take initiative and use the knowledge I gathered through my experiences and start my Record Label “GIG Music Group” to help the people around me. I just wanted to take what we were doing to the next level.

What is your professional background?

I am an Entrepreneur, a U.S. Inventor and Record Producer.

How does your passion coincide with it?

Everything that I do is my passion or I would not waste one minute on it.

Who influences you the most in your music career?

God and everyone that makes good music. I can hear a song and get inspire, then have the need to create. I feed off others.

Who have you collaborated with?

I have worked with Latin Grammy-winning artist Obie Bermudez, N.O.R.E., Platinum Producer Domingo Padilla, Anno Domini Nation, and SPKilla, Joyner Lucas, produced songs that featured Joell Ortiz from "Slaughterhouse", Kool G Rap, Warner Bros/ Grammy Producer's Justice League, Artist "Laws" and Lead Singer from MC Hammers r&b group Special Generation, "Maquet Robinson".

Who would you like to collaborate with in the near future?

Everyone, Creatively as a producer! As an entrepreneur, I would love our label GIG Music, to Collaborate with Universal in a long-term great song making a partnership. That is the goal!

Why is conveying a positive image important to you?

The world is filled with so much negative. Positive is the only way to be! I have a purpose and it’s to do good. So positive will come out of everything I do. Positive things happen to positive people.

How do you use music to achieve that?

Music is a platform for all creators use to express feelings and move people. Being “positive” to me is our job as people if we are having a bad day we have to still be the light for others because someone else can be having a worse day than you. So we utilize music to provide the message that they might need to hear to keep their head up.

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