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Interivew with Luca Di Fonso

Luca Di Fonso is an Instagram star and entrepreneur who is always traveling around but most of the time he is located in the UK or Italy. We have conducted an interview with him.

How long have you been an 'Instagram Celebrity'?

I don't actually know. I just remember that one day a friend told: "your Instagram is growing so much, you should take it seriously" and last thing I know few people were asking me pictures and sending me DM on daily basis.

What topics do you touch on in your daily videos?

It's pretty much all about my life so I never know what the topic of my Vlog will be.

What leads to your success and how did you become an entrepreneur?

A few days ago I did a new tattoo "keep grinding" because for me is all about hard and SMART work. I also added a little detail for a special person to remind myself to work hard for her too.

Who is this special person?

Is a she of course and I receive this question a lot. I mean everyone is obsessed with my love life probably because I never talk about it. Well, let's say now there is a person in my life. We met recently, but she means the world to me.

Which of the places do you travel to?

I always in Europe, I went only a few times outside Europe for work. But actually, it was for modeling, not for my own business.

Which are your favorite destinations? Why?

London and Barcelona. Well, Barcelona is an amazing city with an easy-going mentality that added to the sun shining pretty much every day make that city a dream. London because is the city of the opportunity, who needs NY?!

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