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Interview with artist Tina Romano

Sassy, classy and kind. New Jersey artist Tina Romano always wanted to draw but she stuck to writing for so many years. The call to draw and paint came on strong a few years ago. She simply was guided to a local art shop and purchased some watercolor paint and a pad. Then she let loose and drawing and painting became her therapy. We have conducted an interview with Tina.

How did you discover your passion and talent for drawing & painting?

I have been always been a creative person. When I was younger I used to love to finger paint and write short stories. I lived in the country so I was free to run around outside. In nature, I found a lot of inspiration. I started writing poetry that was based on my observations of what was going on around me. People watching was a favorite passion of mine. Drawing is something I always want to do. Make poetry out of pencil and paint. While going through a rough patch about 4 years ago, I went to the local art supply shop in Jersey City where I lived at the time and picked up a few tubes of watercolor, a few pencils & a sketch pad. I went home put on some of my indie alternative music. and drew a dress. I filled in with watercolor. I did another. I left them in my room. My sister walked by and saw them "Did you do them?" I simply said "Yes". She said T "These are great. Show them to someone." I showed the gentleman at the art supply shop and he put some of my work up on a local cafe's walls. I also was sketching and painting guitars as I am huge guitar lover. The form seems to be almost feminine. So guitars and dresses are natural for me to paint. Watercolor is my favorite medium. Lately, I have been painting with nail polish. The effect is lovely. I have been getting great reaction to the work I am putting on Twitter & Instagram.

In which ways did it become a form of therapy for you? How do you feel after painting something?

Art definitely is a form of therapy for me. That is how it started while I was having going through a rough time. Creating kept me busy. I realized a lot of my world was dark so drawing and painting helped me infuse color into my life. I find I gravitate to blues and red tints. I feel free after drawing as my style is flowy as well as whimsical. When I sketch it elevates my emotion. I usually have music on in the background when I create. The brush, pencil often dance across the paper.

What inspires you? What are your favorite subjects to draw and paint?

Music inspires me. Lyrics to a song make me want to paint something related to the words. I go to the local guitar shop and live music events to gather inspiration for my guitar paintings. The guitar is such a stunning instrument. Vintage fashion moves me. I am very attracted to 60s style and glam fashion. The truth is my style is very minimal. Mainly jeans, yoga pants& Tshirt girl. I believe I draw and paint these lovely stylish dresses & bags in hope that I can one day wear some day. I am Italian and grew up with stylish parents. I also draw and paint funky surfboards. Surfboards represent courage and freedom to me. There are some many beautiful boards out there. Pinterest and Instagram are great resources for me.

What other hobbies/activities do you like? Why do you choose it/these?

I love to do yoga and dance. I am a certified 200-hour teacher but I often like to be the student. Dancing is freeing to me. Nature is still dear to me. I often take long walks in different parks in the area. Bike riding keeps me youthful. I often like to wander in different areas of different towns. My sojourns around NYC always give me something to ponder and possibly use as a subject for a work of art.

How do you describe your personal attitude and outlook in life?

My attitude toward life has been fine-tuned over the years. I describe myself as sassy, classy, kind. I am sassy enough to go out and do want and I want without hurting anyone or stepping on someone's toes. Jealousy is a useless emotion so I would rather compliment someone on their accomplishments rather than be snarky about it. I believe myself classy as I am a big believer in manners, Please & Thank you go a long way when attempting to sell your art. I attempt not to be rude or loud. I can get my point across in a quiet yet powerful way. Kindness is key. I smile generously at strangers. I treat everyone with the same respect from the mailroom kid, the receptionist to the CEO. Rich, homeless, those struggling with life all deserve the same hello. I also believe in laughter. I am easily amused and see the humor in the mundane. It keeps life fresh.

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